My Talking Elly – Take care of your own virtual pet elephant

[Game] My Talking Elly

My Talking EllyMy Talking Elly : Want an exotic pet? How about a baby elephant?

Download My Talking Elly – Virtual Pet and play dress up games, mini games, feed, bathe and take care of your own virtual pet elephant!

If you’re not familiar with elephant games, here is a chance to change that! Elly is a cute baby elephant who is always eager to play. Not only will you be able to play with him, but also bathe him, make sure he gets sleep and eats well so that he can grow up into being a wonderful adult elephant. Talking games and virtual pets bring lots of laughter, so do not hesitate to download this virtual pet game as soon as possible!

Apart from being entertaining, this game encourages creativity with its dress up games and shows. Dressing up talking animals like talking dog or talking cat is fun, but baby elephants are much more fun to play with. Virtual pets are a great way to practice taking care of a pet, which is why this game is one of the best games for girls and boys!


Talk to Elly and he will repeat everything you say in a funny voice
Play dress up games with baby Elly and choose your favorite combination for him to wear
Move up the levels and see Elly grow from baby elephant to an adult elephant
Elly doesn’t eat much so don’t forget to feed him
Play mini games with baby elephant. Choose your favorite: Flappy Elly, Jumping Elly, Food Drop, Elly vs. Spikes, Elly vs. Mice, Mastermind, Tic Tac Toe, Elly and Eggs, Bubble Shooter, and Jelly Smash
Make sure Elly gets enough sleep so that he can play during the day
Pet, poke, and tease Elly to see what else he can do

NOTE: You can play the game and collect points in order to move up the levels. Once you’ve moved several levels up, you will get fun gifts to help you in the game. Finally, all the rooms have energy levels that need to be charged after some time by playing with the cute baby elephant and taking care of him.

Animal games are great games, especially if your virtual pets are talking animals. Playing with a talking cat or talking dog is usual, but taking care of a baby elephant is totally different. My Talking Elly – Virtual Pet enables you to enjoy taking care of a different virtual pet and playing fun elephant games.



Make your elephant run and get as much food as you can while trying to stay alive for as long as you can. Fly your baby elephant as a bird and make sure he gets around all the obstacles.


Move Elly around to get as much good food as possible. Make sure he eats only what is edible because a rotten one means game over.


Tap the screen so that the larger one jumps over the smaller one. If they crash, you lose!


Make this cute baby elephant go as high in the sky as possible.


Guess the code and recreate the hidden row by guessing the correct color of the pins.


Play the game of X’s and O’s and make sure you get three of the same sign first or you will lose.


Help baby Elly collect eggs, but make sure he does not drop more than three because that means game over.

Elephant games can be lots of fun, especially when you play with a baby elephant. Elly is one happy elephant ready to play whenever you are. Talking animals and virtual pets help one learn how to take care of a living being and they are very entertaining at the same time. Download My Talking Elly – Virtual Pet and enjoy playing games for boys and girls all day long!

Developed by Peaksel, Published by DigitalEagle.

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My Talking Elly user reviews :

Very nice game. I never seen in my life. I love this game. but. this name is Elly. thats I know. but It name like. Jonny It’s such good name. but no problem. It’s ok. that Elly also is good name. and your game very amazing. I am very happy. please make this like games. and game is very annoying

To calm my baby as well

I am so existed for this game it is very best game i like this game very much

It is is very great game.Elly is very very cute.Please download this game.

Very nice game. I will play it all day exciting nice wonderfull

I love Ellie so much like a real pet elephant

I love this game. Elly is very Cute

This game is very nice and elly is very cute

So nice I love it very nice game It is do cute elephant

It is lovely with playing with the cute elephant

This application has given me many months worth of fun and entertainment. Ms Elly is one of my best friends.

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