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[Game] My Town Halloween Ghost

My Town Halloween Ghost  It’s late at night in the Mystery Mansion!

You feel goosebumps, the lights are out and just when you least expect it! Boo! There is a ghost in the Haunted House! But, do not be scared, this Haunted House is not like others! Those are friendly ghosts and skeletons who are waiting for you to play some fun Halloween games for kids

Welcome to the My Town Halloween Ghost game – a fun ghost game where you can play and discover all the magic in the Mystery Mansion – A haunted house full of spooky Halloween game characters like ghosts, skeletons, a witch, and more! Play spooky Halloween games for kids all day!

Visit the Hunted House and enjoy Halloween fun! Do not be afraid of goosebumps as playing our spooky games you will have a lot of fun! Explore the Mystery Mansion, find hidden doors, meet a witch, ghosts, the family who live in this Haunted House and create your own scary game story!


It may look like a normal house when the lights are on, but once you switch them off, the mansion turns into a Haunted House full of ghosts, witches, and other spooky Halloween game characters! Sneak inside the My Town Halloween Haunted House and unravel the mystery in this scary game for kids


Halloween Ghost Haunted House is alive – spooky game with so much fun
Explore a Halloween Haunted House – Mystery Mansion full of hidden surprises
Play and discover all the Haunted House secrets – fun spooky games for kids
Many Haunted House rooms to be explored: kitchen, basement, attic and more
Enjoy Halloween dress up games – dress up your characters like a witch, skeleton or other ghost game costume
Many Halloween costumes and Haunted House themed clothing
Play Halloween ghost games with friends
Find ghosts in the Mystery Mansion and get spook every time
The best Halloween Ghost game for kids

On a moonless night, nothing is quite as fun as playing some scary doll ghost games for kids! My Town Halloween Ghost game offers a lot of spooky game experience a unique goosebumps scary adventure!


Our Halloween Haunted House – Mystery Mansion has a lot of secrets! Check all the dollhouse rooms and unravel the goosebumps mystery in this Halloween Ghost scary kids game.

Play and discover the friendly skeleton, witch and ghosts in this Haunted House Scary game for kids! Our Mystery Mansion is full of spooky game creatures that want to have fun!
Playing My Town Halloween game for kids, kids can make their own scary doll Halloween stories – as this Haunted doll house ghost game is fully interactive. Play Halloween dress-up games and get many scary doll costumes like a witch, ghost, or others! Enjoy the best ghost game for kids!


Create your own spooky game story exploring the Mystery Mansion full of scary dolls! Unravel the mystery in the My Town Halloween Ghost game dollhouse! My Town scary ghost game is made for kids to enjoy Halloween and feel spooky goosebumps all year long!
You do not have to believe in ghosts to play this scary game for kids. Create your spooky game story in the My Town Halloween Ghost game. This Haunted House is full of friendly ghosts and other scary dolls!

My Town Halloween Ghost Game – play and discover all secrets in the Mystery Mansion! My Town dollhouse – amazing Halloween games for kids! Feel the goosebumps while you play and discover all the secrets in this Mystery Mansion!

My Town Haunted House game has a “mystery mansion” theme but it is made for kids to have fun and not to feel goosebumps. Our ghost game is for kids age 6 and above as this Mystery Mansion dollhouse has ghosts and other scary dolls

My Town Games studio designs dollhouse games for kids that promote creativity. The company has offices in Israel, Spain, Romania, and the Philippines. For any help visit

My Town Halloween Ghost user reviews :

Best game l don’t have any idea . How can l saw best ever game an I play all the game of my Town like, example like my Town Hotel, airport, farm, baby care garama and please great more game, an many characters l rate five star thanks for reading

Some things I wish you could grab on or touch, you weren’t able to. You can only touch certain things and I felt limited because of the lack of interactiveness in some areas with some things. Plus there’s a very little amount of rooms, I believe about four. I like the haunted house idea and the decorations plus the costumes are cool. But there wasn’t much to do. I love games like this where the creators give enough to keep the player entertained without them stopping after 9 minutes. This was ok

This is a nice game but there is a problem this is a spooky Halloween game so it has to be spooky but it’s not and the house is too small it has limited rooms thats why it’s not scary a scary house should be big and have a lot of rooms thats what makes it scary this is a nice game but its not spooky at all so please fix that

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