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[Game] My Town Neighborhood

My Town Neighborhood

School is out! Time to explore your Neighborhood and start your fun adventures

Welcome to My Town : After School, it’s finally time to explore the neighborhood and start playing! Our street and our neighborfood has everything you wish for in a after school themed doll house. Visit your local library, get your favorite story or organize a book party with lots of fun costumes. Do you a toothache? Visit the dentist, he is just down the street. Say what? You want to know where the dentist lives? Luckily he is your neighbor and his house is just around the corner.

My Town: After School is a digital version of the classic doll house and has 9 awesome locations and 2 interactive mini games with hours of fun imagination based game play kids love!

Life begins after school – Find out who lives on your street
Explore the neighborhood in this after school game. There are many fun things to experience in this doll house game. Let your child explore in the environment of their own home and have them learn about the dentist visits.

My Town : After School Neighbourhood Street Features

A dentist office and the dentists home. Teach your kid about a visit to dentists in the safety of your own house.
Check out your doll house library with a magical story time all kids love
Visit the fashion store and order some food at the local restaurant.
9 locations, 2 mini games, NEW characters and clothing for all your my town games
Emotions will allow you to choose the mood of your character
Save your progress and start where you have left off in the neighborhood
My life after school in your home street
Multi-touch Feature: Play with your friends and family on the same device!

If you can imagine it, you can play it. Everything is possible in a My Town doll house!

Recommended Age Grou
Kids 4-12: My Town games are safe to play even when parents or other family members are out of the room.

My Town Neighborhood user reviews :

It’s a great game but it was just a few seconds and the game suddenly totally acted like it was broken can you please fix my problem I will change my star to five

this is so much fun to play but one thing i hate is the ads because if some stuff that have green you wanted you first get to ads please fix it

This game is awesome but there are Problem characters are not opened without ads please solve this problem

Such a wonderful game it has many things so good game it’s has no problems and no words for this game it has lots of things and I know MY TOWN GAMES are always best

I like this game tho pls remove the ads or like when you collect the hearts you can buy no ads pls add that I will give it a higher rating if you do

keeps my little cousin quit (THANK GOD) but ads (like ALWAYS) are a little problem.

The game is fun but it doesn’t safe your progress it kinda sucks i have to do everything again and again

I really like this game I play this always just turn off ur wifi or data to avoid the ads

Every time I try to put clothes on the characters it put an ad and I hate it

This game is awesome and I really like the character but I hate ads

I like this game so much but l hate fixing the pipes in the clothing shop they give you 10seconds

People say its babyish Tbh I dont think so I played this alot and the way its updated is awsome I just wish there weren’t any ads or anything to pay for in any of these games and my city aswell I wish I didnt have to wait for a sale to down load the games

This game is so much fun it keeps you occupied and you can play it offline and I love it so just letting you know that this is the best game ever I love any game that my town does and so yeah

At first it was a good game, the dentist place was just a house, even though in the advertisement it had a cleaning teeth option. Whenever I would leave a store/building it would show a advertisement and when it was finished it would kick me out back to the home screen of my phone. There was also barely anything to do even though in most ‘My Town’ games there were a bunch of things to do and play. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone especially to someone with bad wifi or connection.

Great game no time for writing anymore but good luck my town great

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