My Town Police – Protect city from thieves

[Game] My Town Police Games for kids

My Town Police  Be the best policeman or policewoman in Town and explore a Police Station!

Protect city from thieves and create your own stories! My Town needs a good police officer!

If you dream of being a cop, you will like our cop games! My Town Police game for kids is full of fun! Dress up as a cop, detective and even a crook. Find adventure and fun all around the police station.


Go on a patrol with your police car. Roleplay as a policeman and be a good cop! Our city needs good Policeman or Policewoman to protect them from thieves! Take the police dog to the training ground and make sure he is well trained! Do thieves want to escape the prison? Not if the police dog is there!
Explore all rooms: jail, police dog training ground, drive a helicopter, fix a police car in the garage, find a photo room for thief identification and many policemen and policewomen offices. Enjoy My Town Police Game for kids and be the best cop ever! Cop games were never more fun!


Catch a thieft and protect him escape the prison? Find the hidden hole and do not let him get the sewer! Play as a Police officer and make sure that escaping a Prison will be a bad plan! My Town Police Station offers so much fun for all kids who like thieves and police games! Thief can get a costume but be a good cop, spot them and make sure that thieft do not escape the prison!


Ring the police siren and hop into your police car. Roleplay as a police officer to stop a robbery and catch the thief. Make sure that the bad guys don’t escape the prison! Take the helicopter from the My Town Police Station and monitor the city! Find and return the stolen things. Roleplay cop games and be the best cop for your citizens!

Check out the police car, take it for a ride, help the detective solve mysteries, and do everything policemen and policewomen do! Become the best police officer in this cop game for kids! It’s tons of fun!


Discover busy daily life at a cop station department by stepping into the shoes of a policeman or policewoman. Use the police station’s camera to take pictures and print them out with the printer. Just like real life! Ring the alarm bells: tap on the alarms or sirens to let your fellow police officers know if someone has escaped the prison! Try to catch them fast and return them to jail! Don’t let the prisoner escape the prison by digging the tunnel or finding the other exits! My Town Cop game for kids is so fun!


Many NEW characters to roleplay!
Be a policeman, policewoman, detective, crook and more
Discover 7 different locations around the My Town police station
Explore Jail, Police dog training yard, the Safe, police car garage and more
Train the police dog at the training yard
Over 300 different accessories and clothing
Do not let thieves escape the prison, fix the police car, drive Helicopter
Be a ROBOCOP! Dress up and be the best Policeman in the city
Enjoy cop games with friends on the same device
Enjoy My Town Police game for kids and stay tuned for more games


Find a robocop suit and enjoy cop games all day! Fight crime and be the best police officer in town! Download the cop games for free, take the police car, and prevent thieves from escaping the prison! Be a cop that the city needs!


Police game for kids age 4-12. My Town Police game are safe even when parents are not home.


My Town Games studio designs digital dollhouse-like games that promote creativity and open-ended play for your kids worldwide. My Town games introduce environments and experiences for hours of imaginative play. Company has offices in Israel, Spain, Romania and Philippines. For more information, please visit

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This game very good I play this game any time I am see the review some are saying it have so many ad so you can off your internet so it game is not any problem and we can play it very easily . Thanku

Thank you for everything in this game i love it but 1 problem add’s it is so boring if add come . Please fix it today or anyday every my town game i want no add’s please please fix it today it’s self my little baby is playing this game she likes also and she like to play this game but now please fix it thankyou

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