My Town Stores – Imagine all the stories your children can create

[Game] My Town Stores Dress up

My Town Stores

The perfect doll house for girls who are into fashion and love to dress up

A new mall with exciting new stores has opened in My Town! Imagine all the stories your children can create with more than 6 different stores to explore and whole new set of character to dress up and befriend.

Find the latest fashions in our clothing store and dress up before you go shopping, get a sweet treat in the candy store or pick up ingredients for tonight’s dinner in the supermarket. My Town : Stores is a digital doll house providing hours of education and interactive entertainment for girls aged 4 – 12. With no time limits or high scores to achieve, the only limit in My Town girls games is your own creativity!

A game for girls with playful imagination to experience their own shop in a mall.

My Town : Doll House Features

6 stores to explore including a huge supermarket with over 67 items to buy, play or eat, a candy store where you can make popcorn, pick up some gum and find ALL the sweets you can possibly imagine, a clothing store to dress up the family in 87 of the most fashionable looks and even a food truck!

New characters to play, dress and style
Let your favorite My Town characters join the fun and transfer them from other My Town Girls Games

The perfect game for girls aged 4 to 12

My Town Stores user reviews :

Awesome Mytown games…. I love every single game of yours.. but the reason i 3stared the rating only was that , you know the youngest girl (not a baby) has suddenly disappeared so i went to Mytown Home game, still no! I am disappointed there were no bugs but why why… Do you do.. i was roleplaying with her. I should say ” this is the worst thing you’ve done ” sorry for the sentence but i will change it if you return the girl and try add characters , i am positive not nagative

This is a very good game! But I have a promblem so when I want the character look sad not crying. So please can you add more face expression then I might give you five stars.

Very well made but some characters you have to buy please make it free also it’s soo cool can you add more places please!!!!!!!

WOW AMAZING but the problem is the characters are locked and there is paging thanks for your support great game

OMG THE BEST GAMES. I have all the FREE my towns and I think it’s cool how you can drive to different destinations the only thing is I dont like how there is many adds I would like to play the games without spending money. Also it would be better if we could have ALL the characters. And yeah that’s all I wanted to say I think it’s a GREAT game but I would like to change them things so yeah.

I like it But and even get the characters like it’s too hard and I can’t even get that character so yeah that’s all I can say

I like this game so much,it seems a lot of fun and I love it so much,but there is one problem it has a lot of ads

I like this game so much But but you have only dollhouse character I want all character unlock please

This game is very beautiful game but loading is so so so boring and there is no clothes to girl and always coming ads. and for characters we want too se ads so thats why i,am giving 4stars and also we can,t take things in store

LOVE this game. I’m a little girl and I totally thing it’s amazing. All the bad characters are locked. Thank you for that. Not so many ads. Most clothing not locked. And baby store clothing store supermarket and candy store! And we can do so many cool things in it! I have the my town home game so I take all their shopping their. Love that their is a place where they can eat. (mini restarunt) The features are so realistic! Thank you for such a reaaxing game. Please make the other mall game free.

Cool game but i do get glicthes and when i go other place the characters are gone!! And the things i put in car is missing!!T-T it takes 5 or 9sec to wait when u change place… and lets move on to Positive Rate,Overall i love the game it makes my day and also i love shopping and also preparing for kids.. its like a lesson for us kids when were getting old… tysm

My Town Stores is a really good game except that the usual little girl is locked and all though it is nice to be able to have a different young girl, I would really like to have the normal girl. Also, I think that there should be more shops cuz when I first went onto it I thought there was going to be at least 5 shops. Some other shops that could be added are a toy shop, a costume shop and an electronic store. So please consider putting more shops in and apart from that the game is really good.

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