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MyFastMyFast : Favorite app for tracking fasting / weight loss.

I’m terrible at counting time and that’s the whole reason I have this app. I can set my goal by deciding I want to do an 18 hr fast and it tells me when to stop fasting. I can edit my goals on a daily basis when starting IF, OR set up a regular schedule. You can track water intake and weight loss and easily compare weight loss to fasting length on the same screen. Minimal, noninvasive ads and no required ‘plans’. I recommend this to everyone!

I tried a handful of fasting apps for my intermittent fasting life and none of them was the right one for me. I then tried this one and it’s been the one I have stuck with. It’s simple yet complex in a good way. Great app. Recommended!

MyFast is the best intermittent fasting calendar and weekly scheduler app available. It quickly guides you through the overall concept of fasting and will help you completely manage your fasting and eating windows. With over 200,000+ motivated fast trackers, we are the most complete and trusted IF timer. You will stay on track to losing weight and improving your health.


Schedule out all your fast and eating windows for the week and let the app timer run automatically with notifications telling you when to stop eating and when to start fasting. For example you could easily schedule a 16 hour fast window for every day of the week.
Manual Mode: Choose a fasting or eating window. Start and stop when you want. Edit all times, dates, goal length in real times.
Home Screen Widget
Easily add, edit, delete, and .CSV export your completed fasts and body measurements like weight
Visualize and track your weight loss progress in the charts section.
Fasting Clock Format: Choose between 12 and 24 clock type and several different time display formats
Date Format: Choose from several different local date formats to display throughout
Notifications: Get notification reminders to fast every day, alerts for when your window is almost finished, and when it has completed.
Simple, Clean, Minimalist, Clutter-Free Home Screen Timer
Unlimited Fast Lengths
Multiple Devices – Use your synced MyFast account on any device, Android or IOS, and never lose your data to an accident.
Extra Tracking: Record water intake and other notes while the fast counter runs
English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese language options
Learn Section – intermittent fasting book for beginners with all you need to know to become an IF expert

Fasting Made Simple
What usually comes to mind when most people hear of Intermittent Fasting (IF), is that it is just another crazy fad diet to lose weight with little effort. However, it isn’t a diet at all, but rather an eating pattern. It’s not what you eat, but when you eat it that is important.
Depending on what type of fasting you schedule, you generally will have a time window where you are allowed to eat all the food you want. As soon as that window is over though, you don’t eat ANYTHING until the window comes up again. For example, a common approach is a 16 hour fast with an 8 hour eating window every day.

There are dozens of different type of fasting diets, you can utilize any plan such as:
16/8 – Lean Gains
5:2 – Eat normal for 5 days, and IF the remaining 2
20/4 – The Warriot Diet
24/0 – Full Day , or even a water & juice fast
Alternative Day Diet – (every other day you will be fasting for 24 hours.)
Any other fasting plan you can think of is possible

Intermittent Fasting Benefits
Weight loss, specifically from fat reserves
Reduced risks of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s
Longer lifespans due to processes such as autophagy which repair and recycle cells
Reduced inflammation and insulin resistance
Increased growth hormone

MyFast goes great when paired with the ketogenic diet. If you are interested in combining the keto diet with intermittent fasting, you can use our keto tracking app MyKeto.

MyFast user reviews :

I love the ease of this app! I also LOVE how you can record your weight, mood, thoughts and measurements!! When I’m not losing weight I can see I’m losing inches and that inspires me to continue! Great app!!!

I tried a handful of fasting apps for my intermittent fasting life and none of them was the right one for me. I then tried this one and it’s been the one I have stuck with. It’s simple yet complex in a good way. Great app. Recommended!

app has become part of my lifestyle, I get motivated knowing that I can always prove it to myself how disciplined I have become as an individual. I would like to see it grow and incorporate calories calculator for meals taken and calories burned during exercise.

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The application has been temporarily removed from the google play store

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