Mystery Expedition Adventure – Find the lost expedition

[Game] Mystery Expedition Adventure

Mystery Expedition Adventure Go on a chilling hidden object adventure to discover the legendary Inuit treasure in the game Mystery Expedition: Prisoners of Ice. Find the lost expedition and solve thematic puzzles as a tale of mystery unfolds.

TRY it first, then PAY once and PLAY this dark mystery adventure game forever offline!

Enticed by the legend of a secret temple of gold, your grandfather sailed to the icebound Arctic to never return. Follow his steps and find the hidden expedition as you collect coins and buy amusements for your penguin. Spot the beyond objects and furnish your igloo with ancient relics, dropped by your ancestor. Face the monster polar bear, which is anything but an animal, and challenge the God of Wishes himself.

Game features:

40+ locations with 3 types of collectibles to pick
22 thematic mini-games and puzzlers
Over a dozen of hidden objects scenes to explore
Jigsaw puzzles as an alternative to finding tasks
Stunning cinematics and real actors as characters
Your own igloo with a playful animal companion
3 difficulty modes and various achievements

This adventure game will squeeze the most of your logic, introducing a new look to your favorite puzzles and skill games. Thus, the entanglement of ropes resembles sticks game, and so on. Sudoku and pipe puzzles, as well as memory and matching games, are all designed to maintain the fascination of the frozen Arctic wastelands.

By the way, all find and apply hidden object puzzles have an alternative mosaic mode. If you prefer to solve jigsaw puzzles, you are welcome to switch to it any time. So, whether or not you are a fan of find it games, Mystery Expedition: Prisoners of Ice is your key to an unforgettable adventure.

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Mystery Expedition Adventure user reviews :

Icons were too small!! I had to skip games not because of difficulty but because the pieces of the puzzles were too small and couldn’t be picked up. Almost couldn’t finish the game cuz the fishing pole reel handle was too small to be picked up! Instead of easing stress of life this game only caused unecessary stress! Very annoyed throughout the whole game.

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It was a pretty good game, but cannot disable the “glimmer” and it tells you where to go too often. Aside from the fish puzzle, all were stupidly easy without a hint of challenge, and there are too many hops, and too few puzzles. It is really just too easy

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Pretty fun game. the only reason I didn’t give it a 5 star is because I had to start the game over about a third of the way through due to some glitch in the game. I freed the prisoner but when I returned to game he was chained again without the necessary items I needed to free him the second time.

was having a good game played to end of first chapter had to pay for second chapter which I did and played two frames and then it froze ..can’t move on very disappointed afraid to try another game in fear it will do it again it’s not a lot of money to purchase but if this is to happen again not worth it.

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This looks to be a really good game…….except for the stupid little shiney stars that constantly show you, look at this! Look at this. Too bad I can not explore the rooms and solve the puzzles on my own. Might try again but annoying stars suck!

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The music works but the sound effects and voice don’t work. I’ve tried changing the settings but it just don’t work. Asides that good game

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Love the atory line and graphics . The puzzles are pretty easy . It’s easy to become absorbed in this game .

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