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Narcos Idle Cartel  In this idle clicker game, you decide who becomes the ultimate narco tycoon. Form alliances, upgrade your gang, and rake in the idle money.

When you find yourself partnered with El Patrón, the legendary smuggler, you’ll discover just how dangerous and seductive his world can be. Will you keep your hands clean or will you do whatever is needed to survive and thrive?

You’re the jefe of a Colombian cartel and it’s your job to manage the production, distribution, and profit of the business. Become a billionaire by expanding your cartel business, tapping to build the best product. Go from rags to narco capitalist and experience the thrilling cartel life in Narcos: Idle Cartel

Improve your production speeds and increase your profitability as you expand your factory, build a pipeline, train your workforce and grow your small operation into a thriving international cartel that keeps producing even while you’re not playing. Manage the resources of your idle narco factory in order to bring in the big money. Work your way up through the cartel chain until it works for you. Hire managers to oversee the product. Design your strategy so you can sit back, relax, and make idle money.

Play through brand new Narcos storylines, partner with El Patrón, the Cali Cartel and more as you immerse yourself in the world of Netflix’s Narcos. You’ll make the difficult decisions that will take you down the path from a humble idle manager to a real narco tycoon.

Collect and upgrade a roster of special characters and earn higher profits and permanent upgrades to your production pipeline. Unlock legendary characters from the series including El Patrón, Colonel Carillo, Don Neto, El Mexicano and many more. Manage and upgrade your gang of criminals to improve your idle progress.

Play through Episodes inspired by the Narcos series. Meet new characters and complete goals to earn valuable rewards and unlock new Episodes. Live the narcos story from the beginnings of a humble goods smuggler to becoming the ultimate cartel king.

Compete against friends and rival cartels to earn rewards and a top spot on the leaderboard in limited time events. See who will come out on top in the drug wars.

About the game:
Based on the hit Netflix series, Narco’s is a story about the drug traffickers who brought cocaine, cannabis, and more illegal products from Colombia to the world. Narco’s follow’s El Patrón and the Medellin Cartel in its brutal conflict with the American Drug Enforcement Agency and the Colombian Government. Narcos: Idle Cartel, is a new idle clicker game that puts you inside the Narcos story as you tap to run an international cartel empire and become a narco tycoon.

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Narcos Idle Cartel user reviews :

I love this game. It is the sort of monotonous. However, there is a storyline that keeps it interesting. There are also extra challenges that keep it interesting as well. The only reason it is 4 stars instead of 5 is because the extra challenges no longer work for me. It keeps saying there is an error and no matter how many times I close the app and reopen, that error is still there so I can no longer participate, and that was honestly favorite part of this game.

Good time killer. Lots of ads and pay to play would make things faster…but why do that when its the same thing every level? Story line is ok
  • Tilting Point
  • Hey Curtis Nash, thanks for your feedback it is appreciated. I have forwarded the info to the design team. That said if you would be so kind to share with us if you have any more thoughts on what you feel could be improved to make things better for you by reaching out to us at narcos-support[at] we would be incredibly grateful. Thanks.

Definitely the best idle game there is ! The gameplay is perfect, clear objectives, a nice story line and with loads of minigames or “missions” you have to do inbetween. I find myself excited for the next chapter every time. There is one thing I would’ve changed. That is the amount of money and products you produce. Im only at level 4 now, and currently making 13 billion shotguns per second ! That is the same as every person on earth buying 2 shotguns per second. A bit crazy.

Great choice if you’re looking for a new idle game! Nice looking graphics, smooth game play and just enough going on to keep you hooked but not too much to the point where it’s super convoluted. Generous with options to watch ads and gain certain boosts and rewards but not pushy about advertising. Overall, a great mobile gaming experience that should be held as a standard across the board!

The audacity this game has to charge $30 a month for a “VIP” version so you can skip the 10+ ads you’d watch in a short play session is honestly just offensive. Gameplay seems fine enough, but there’s no chance I’m willing to pay that much for a game to stop assaulting me with adverts.
  • Tilting Point
  • Hey Jonathon, thanks for your feedback but we are sad you feel this way. That said, VIP membership also enables you to Skip Stories in addition to earning 100 Influence per day. If you would be so kind to share with us if you have any more thoughts by reaching out to us at narcos-support[at] we would be incredibly grateful. Thanks.

This is 1 of only 3 idle tycoons I thoroughly enjoy! It’s a keeper! Theme is the winning trait due to the game play and design is dozens of games used, just paste the art and topic wins!

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