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NBA LIVE Mobile  Choose your path to greatness and build your super team in an all-new season of EA SPORTS NBA LIVE Mobile.

SUPERSTARS have taken over Season 4. Build your team around SUPERSTAR players with special abilities and traits. Collect current and classic legendary players, courts, jerseys, and unique boosters to build your team. Capture the spotlight and create your legacy your way.

This all-new player type allows you to collect some of the NBA’s greatest players and enhance them throughout the season. Unlock SUPERSTARS like Joel Embiid and continue to increase their OVR all season. SUPERSTARS have special abilities and traits, and are the core of any team – including yours.

Start the season right with our all-new team building experience. Choose your team and pick a SUPERSTAR to lead them team to victory. Based on your DRAFT RANK, earned in SEASON 3 of EA SPORTS NBA LIVE Mobile, unlock additional supporting players and BOOSTS. Don’t worry if you missed SEASON 3, you’ll still get your choice of SUPERSTAR.

EA SPORTS NBA LIVE Mobile introduces its first ever permanent lineup. Our Multi-Year Lineup will allow you to play with any player you’ve earned, together on one team. Use your Multi-Year Lineup in our POWER RANKING campaign to climb the ranks and prove that you’ve built the most dominant team of all time!

Compete in the NBA all year long with campaigns to keep your team at the top. Every week brings new content, stories, and events. Score incredible bonuses in real-life matchups and break ankles in every mode with friends and foes. Become a hoop master all day, every day.

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NBA LIVE Mobile user reviews :

Good game overall. Rarely has bugs, but it just freezes for a second (sometimes). Also, please add like a character leaderboard. For example, if you’re playing a Season game, there will be a leaderboard stating how many points each character has scored and other stats. I feel like it would help me and alot of other players. Also, please fix the Redemption objectives, it says to “Collect a Monthly Master Gold” and I have done that countless of times. Yet it still wouldn’t let me continue. Thanks

It is a great game but need some improvements. Season game time is too short. Give us more options regarding length of gameplay. It would be better if there are time outs during season games including substitutions. How about free throws? Need more flexibility in forming team lineups like having a three guard lineup for example. I might be asking too much but it would be awesome to have those. Anyways, great game and I won’t be uninstalling it anytime soon.

It’s a pretty solid game. Sometimes the controls of the characters is janky but everything else is pretty good.

I actually really like the game and don’t care if my team gets reset. It’s like the console games but on mobile and I like them. My problem is the energy and the live pass. Half the stuff takes too much energy but its not that big of a problem it gets yo to take a break from the. The live pass is my main problem. The free one won’t even let me claim the items. I’m just so close to getting the free elite but it’s just I can’t claim the tokens or the items. EA I hope you use thid data to fixthegame

Amazing game, extremely addictive and exciting. only issues is showdown is completely rigged so you feel the need to pay to win, you’ll lose off open dunks being missed by your centers/pgs/sfs, sometimes they make it to where the defense from the CPU is so good you get picked off constantly when trying to dribble or pass. they make sure your great shooters go 1-5 from 3 every game, even if they are open on every attempt and you released it perfectly. very aggravating.

I seriously have no words.This game is a must play for basketball lovers. Realistic graphics, amazing animations and spectacular roster. Although it can lag a bit but don’t let that bring you down. All I’m saying is its a free licensed ea basketball game GET IT

Pretty good This is the actual first NBA game I have played since the snes. Quite enjoyable and fun. Only thing I can say bad about is the price for the in game cash is a bit pricy

The game is fun to play, but there are no fouls and free throws. Also, the players can run back and forth past the half, which would be over and back. I know that you can’t have every element, but the main essence of the game still needs to be present for an overall fun game.

Decent I have Silver and Bronze players that they won’t let me post on auction or put in sets.Other than that great game

Latest Update :

Welcome to NBA Live Mobile Season 7! Update your game to experience –

Improved level progression system with more rewards
Improved loading experience
Brand new audio
Upgraded UI

Discover brand new players along with cool looking jerseys and courts, and update your dream NBA team today!

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