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NEO BALLDrift your car across the soccer field, defend your goal, and strike the ball to score and beat your opponent.

There are no rules or referees in the neon-soaked arenas of NEO:BALL!

Bearing inspiration from soccer, air hockey, bumper cars, neon lights and retro arcade cabinets, NEO:BALL is a completely unique arcade sports game. Jump in to play an action packed 1-minute match, or embark on a path to become the champion of top tier online leagues and tournaments.


Choose whether you want to become:
an agile speed demon
a powerhouse with unstoppable shots
a technical virtuoso with excellent curls
or a maneuver master with unrivaled grip on the field!

Do you prefer defence, offence, or a more balanced approach? Plan out your strategy on each different arena field by customizing your car, and choosing between 12 special perks. Stack your perks in a unique order to boost your car, or to stun, push and confuse your opponent’s car. You can even add a little bit of extra time to the scoreboard to get the winning goal!

NEO:BALL relies equally on your personal skill, and the skill of your car. Raise your game as you unlock over 80 stylish paint jobs and exhaust modifications for your car. Upgrade your parts, and make your car become faster, stronger and more agile!

Level up and make your way across the arenas. Each arena will introduce its own unique challenge, which will require you to develop a unique strategy.
Rise to the top of your weekly league leaderboard by gaining points from the arenas. Every Sunday night, the weekly season will end, and you will be rewarded for your weekly performance.
Fight your way through 16 contestants to raise the daily tournament trophy.

Get your name on top of the weekly leaderboards,
Score goals, and raise trophies to get into the all-time hall of fame.
Get selected as the “Move of the Day” by submitting the recording of your goal. If your goal is among the best that was submitted that day, everybody around the world will watch your goal and see your name under it for a whole day!

Ready to become the next champion? Download NEO:BALL now for free!

Please do not hesitate to reach us at support[at] if you have any issues or suggestions. Any kind of feedback is welcome!

NEO BALL user reviews :

Easy game for beginners and non-beginners and the Controls are easy to learn and master, the game is easy for beginners to the point where you can win a tournament 1st try if you’re a beginner and even if you aren’t a beginner you can still win one easily (that’s what happened for me anyways) and I approve of all this, Good job devs for making a good and fun game! Oh and I forgot something, there’s a betting feature, so if you lose you lose your in game currency and you cant do anything about it

This app is great, but one thing I don’t like about it is that when you get a pack from playing a game, the packs take forever to unlock. You have to wait for basically more than 3 hours to just open one pack. I wish it could just be a shorter time to open it or be able to open multiple packs at once so that you can actually play more of the game and not have to play the game and not get packs cuz your storage is full. Please change this.

The overall concept of the game is great, however the P2W aspects along with the fact that this game is not actually multiplayer but it makes you think that it’s multiplayer (at least through the first 10 minutes that I played this game) completely kills it for me. If you think this game is multiplayer, get an android emulator, and turn off your internet from the host, you’ll notice the game keeps playing and somehow recieving inputs, AKA it’s AI controlling the opponent car, not another player.

Fun game. Fantastic looks. You level up and customise things fairly quickly so keeps you wanting to play. Not constantly bombarded by ads like most games nowadays, makes me actually not mind clicking to watch an ad for bonus coins, etc. Loads of potential. Great job!
  • Fil Games Ltd
  • Hey Matt, thank you very much for writing this kind review! So glad that you are enjoying the game. I’ll continue on working on it. Have a nice weekend!

The button is kind of hard to control. The turn is very sensitive. Every match cost coins to play which is not my type of game. There are a lot of players who are not serious and just to like to mess around. I will be uninstalling this game now.

I really like this game, but I can’t figure out what the gold/gems or for, nor how to upgrade the thing. It’s probably right in front of me, but I thought I explored every menu and I still can’t figure it out.

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