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[Game] NERF Superblast

NERF Superblast Blast away with your NERF Blasters in a fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer arena!

Choose the right Blasters for your play style and battle across a variety of game modes in the one and only official NERF™ FPS!

Unlock tons of unique NERF Blasters, from the heavy and powerful to the fast and accurate. Choose your personalized loadout, add Power Cards to finalize your strategy, then jump into fast and furious play sessions of max 3 min each!

Get ready to battle in a variety of crazy environments, such as the Pinball Arena, the Nerf Castle and the Train Robbery. Upgrade your Blasters and your Power Cards by progressing on the Trophy Road and Arena Pass, and rise to the challenge of becoming one of the Champions of NERF: Superblast.


Nerf Battle (3v3): Team up with players from all around the world and score 10 points for each opponent defeated. The first Team to reach 100 points wins. But… watch out for the giant swinging hammers!
Token Rush (3v3): Team up, collect and hold 10 Tokens to win. Also, watch out for the Giant Pinball!
Siege (3v3): Team up to take down the enemy base in an amazing Wild West setting!
Solo (1v9): Play against 9 other opponents in massive arenas such as Old Town and Nerf Temple. Collect power ups, hide and strike, be the last one standing!

More Blasters, Modes and Power Cards will be added with the incoming updates, as NERF: Superblast is in constant evolution.

What are you waiting for? Enter NERF: Superblast and get ready to BLAST!

NERF Superblast user reviews :

Easy mechanics and a great assortment of blasters and mechanics to keep it interesting. Plenty of freebies and microtransactions are definitely not a must to be competitive – you get matched with similar skilled/progression players. Still early days so expect a couple of bugs, but support team is fantastic. Definitely recommend!

The way the game is set up is good but the graphic label is backwards for some reason when you click on low graphics the graphics look better when you click on high graphics the graphics look worse I hope they fix that other than it’s good there’s a few legs but I hope they do fix this

Game is fun but as a 4 finger claw player i really need a ui editor and features like allow auto fire but let me also have a fire button just in case, you gotta turn off auto fire for the fire button to apear, also let me decide if i want the fire button to move camera or not, as it is right now that option is on but it cant be turned off and it conflicts with my aim finger wich is my pointing finger not my thumb.

Liked it for a while. My main issue with it is that after a few hours of playing, my opponents all have level 8+ weapons while my highest level is 5. It’s impossible to enjoy the game when I need to land 7 shots and they need to land 2. My other issue is with locking away weapons in a paid (real money) pass. Simply not fair for anyone who doesn’t want to, or cannot spend money on the game. There also appears to be quite a large amount of bots replacing real players, though that’s uncertain.

The game play overall Is fine, but the game lags too much. Like when I enter the zombie arena it won’t even let me choosea gun, it just freezes.

I’d give 5 stars but the game is too choppy. Its hard to aim when you only have like 1 frame every three seconds. If this is fixed I wouldn’t mind spending money on this game

Game is fun to play but the only problem was that I ran into a hacker. The hacker wasn’t taken any damge and they where like flying. Please fix this.

Fun game, Easy controls, Good graphics, load times for rounds are relatively short.

This game is pretty good . There are 2 thin to say . 1 enemy knowing my location is not good .2 double tap not shoot . ( I like to play. I pray that it becomes a better game)

Great game! Easy to learn yet hard to master! Keep up the good work and add lots of new guns! We love to have more irl Nerf guns implemented in the game!

super fun but needs internet and you can choose your own style of characters and you unlock nerf guns and level up your own guns

Superb game! you can add rank for modes it will be cool and add skins from movies and stuffs. i liked this game

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