Never Ending Dungeon – Start raiding a dungeon now

[Game] Never Ending Dungeon – IDLE RPG

Never Ending Dungeon    Easy to play with simple controls.

Start dungeon crawling right away!

Explore a never-ending number of procedurally generated dungeons, slaying countless monsters and grabbing epic loot automatically, all with just the power of your thumb!

Simple controls let you tap to cast spells, craft items and upgrade your gear as well as your hero’s unique abilities.


Nonstop Battling, Your hero fights and levels up 24/7, even when you are offline
Crush your enemies, slay powerful bosses and earn gold – it’s easy!
Change your hero’s appearance by choosing or crafting your own equipment
Unlock and upgrade elemental spells and special abilities
Get help from pets and mercenaries, each with their own unique abilities
Test your luck and see how high you can fight your way up the Tower
Challenge powerful Monster bosses in the Maze to collect valuable soul shards
No stress gameplay – look after your hero, while they do all the fighting for you

Start raiding a dungeon now in this addictive fantasy RPG role playing game, filled with nonstop adventure and fun!

If you have questions, please contact us via support-ned[at]

Never Ending Dungeon user reviews :

Good idle game. I think it could be greatly improved by adding/changing features for the bag/gear. Such as an “auto apply best gear” and when selling, it would be easier to just click on what we wanna sell and then get rid of it in one click rather than having to click each gear color separately. Rewards for killing boss needs to be greatly improved..last 5 bosses have given me the same lvl 5 ring when I’m above lvl 5.
  • Creative Mobile Games
  • Hi there, Karen! Your idea of “auto apply best gear” feature sounds cool and, most of all, user-friendly! We’ll send your ideas to our! Thank you for helping us making this game better! Got more suggestions? Please contact us via and share with us! We’re always open to any idea from our players! NED/B
I guess I didn’t know what an “idle rpg” was. It basically means that YOU don’t play the game, the computer does. You watch and occasionally tap on things. Does that sound boring af to you? Because it is. Uninstalled after 5 minutes. That said, it’s very nice-looking and is probably great, if that’s the type of game you’re looking for.
  • Creative Mobile Games
  • Hello, Scott! Your hero fights monster hordes automatically so you can focus on the most exciting parts of the dungeon crawl – developing your character’s abilities, fighting big bosses, and overcoming special challenges! Have comments or suggestions for how we can improve? Please write to us at nitro-support[at]! NED Team/B
I don’t recommend. Issues: 1) progression is too slow. 2) skills are pointless. The way it’s set up is there will always be a new “current strongest in a small pool to select from” skill you need to choose, but you only get so many skill points so you have to reset skills constantly to figure out which one is the new strongest you should be using (one pre-determined skill will be upgradable per level up) 3) skills dont work. Hunters mark does not decrease enemiew armor when using your skills.
  • Creative Mobile Games
  • Hello, Tyler! Sorry to hear about your negative experience! Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Is there something we can help you with? Please contact us directly via support-ned[at] – we listen to our community closely and appreciate the feedback! NED Team /B
So far very good. Great gameplay, smooth and easy. Nice graphics. Fun and entertaining. Will play fo some time. Only issue is have is the clutter on the screen. Icons too big and top section of screen too busy with kill notifications. You end up feeling like you are playing in a much smaller frame than tou actually are which is a shame because the dungeons look great. Just feels too claustrophobic for me. Otherwsie totally like it.
  • Creative Mobile Games
  • Hello there, Gary! Thank you for your review! We’ll send your suggestions to our! Our main goal is to provide the ultimate comfortable gaming experience for our players! We appreciate your help in doing that! Got another idea! Fee; free to share with us via support-ned[at]! We’ll be happy to hear from you! NED/B

Latest Update :

Greetings from the underground, Hero!

Meet the Guardian of Endless Night and Huntress of Eternal Darkness of exclusive Black Series!
Drago the Unrivaled, a unique fire machine to support you on your journey, is now also available with a time-limited offer!
Double crystals packs throughout the sale to keep your treasure chests full!
Bigger and juicier daily rewards in the Shop!

Don’t miss a bargain and we’ll see you soon!

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