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NFL 2K Playmakers features hundreds of cards to collect. Amass NFL players to construct the strongest rosters for offense, defense, and special teams. Level up your collection through gameplay and add equipment that will take your cards to the next level. Fill out your Playbook by collecting play cards that give you the perfect play to call for the victory!

Put your roster to the test against other player decks. Jump into a Red Zone Drive to call plays against other NFL fans from around the world. Or start a Season and compete for the chance to reach the Super Bowl. Blow past your competition to cement your legacy.

Combine your player cards with your football passion to compete in a real-world, data-driven game mode where your cards are used in conjunction with real NFL results to score points. See how your choices stack up against other players and claim ultimate bragging rights.

Play calls and attributes are powered by NGS Data. Real NFL stats from real NFL plays. NFL 2K Playmakers is a game that is as fanatical as you are about football.

NFL 2K Playmakers is constantly adding new cards, plays, players, and content.

Requires a device with 4+ GB of RAM and Android 8+ (Android 9.0 recommended). An Internet connection is required. (Android)

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NFL 2K Playmakers user reviews :

Fun game. Great idea. Main problem I’ve seen is is seasons where you have to do ‘Rush Attack’ but 2 or 3 times in a row it only lets you chose a pass play. When you get 3 first downs in a row, you never have a chance to do 4 rush attempts. Please give 1 extra play to the pool for better odds or guarantee 1 pass and 1 run play in the selection every time.

The game is fun with collecting players. But translating the skills of each player into the gameplay is horrendous. I figured this game is in its early developmental stages so I gave it some time for possible updates, but nothing. Suggestion: plays should have a range of yards, not a set range of yards. Percentages should be more realistic.

I think this game as a concept can work, but there needs to be more outcomes or choices for plays. Maybe for defense, you get 5-6 options that are designed for short , medium, and long plays. Maybe something like play action can gain extra yards if run blitz is called. The rng in general never really feels accurate, and it seems way easier for defense to succeed than offense.

Fun to play when it’s actually fun, other times the unrealistic RNG ruins the fun. I could have 85+% offense chance and fail and have less than 20% chance and still somehow succeed. Also the AI in the game is broke, they can easily predict what you do on offense plus some parts of the playbook sometimes give pass only or run only plays so the AI can easily block it. Game has potential to be strategically fun, just don’t make it all about Pay to Win and unrealistic scenarios. Keen to see more!

Game is fixed. Once you have won so many games in a row, you start getting matched up with usernames like CPU1 and other usernames that are clearly Bots where no matter what your player score is, head-to-head matchups you will almost always lose 5 to 4. The fact that you repeatedly get the same five or six player cards doesn’t really help but forces you to play more which I understand is what developers want. More than anything this game is a bunch of guessing and requires very little skill

It’s a great game in general, but the only downside is when it comes to the completion percentage. Sometimes you’ll have a 80-90% completion rating and the run or pass fails, but when you get a 10% completion it sometimes goes for a first down or a touchdown. I also noticed that the highest completion percentage is 90% and the lowest is 10%, it would be more realistic and more fun if you were able to get a 0% completion percentage or a 100% completion percentage

It’s fun but the percentages are flawed. My opponent should not be able to easily make big gains if the percentage is 17%. Either rethink the percentage situation or just make the game like WWE SuperCard. It would be easier and more accessible for people. Just my opinion. Too many issues to recommend at this state. Oh yeah they have been constantly making awful changes. Like before you could get 75 silver tokens for fully leveled players you pull. Now you only get 50.

It’s a supercard style game collection wise and tier wise, but it’s infinitely worse gameplay wise. Progession basically flatlines at emerald 3 and the probability stuff gets old real quick. It makes the game slower and unreliable. Still, fun for a minute and not pay to win

Game is fun but obviously rigged at points for you to lose certain games. You will be in an important game and have a better team and miraculously the oppents team will start completing plays with only 10% chance of completing on back to back plays or you will lose on plays where you have 90% of completing the play. Game is also bugged you players will say you get a 30% bonus on your called play then you only will get like a 20% bonus when it adds the bonus

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