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Niantic CampfireCampfire is a new social app that helps Niantic Explorers discover new people, places and experiences around them! Discover in-game activities, plan your next meetup, send a DM, and manage your friends list, all within a single app.

Campfire will be available to all Niantic games and players around the world soon. We are starting with select groups of Pokémon GO players throughout the summer. Please stay tuned to our social channels to learn about availability in your region.


Scroll around the map to discover and share content, coordinate at any gym or raid, and connect with your nearby Communities.
Open the discover page in your Communities tab to join new communities, coordinate events, and meet new players.
Instantly share where you’re going, drop your live location, post photos, and chat with your friends across any Niantic game.
Easily add to and manage your Friends list across all Niantic titles.

Niantic Campfire user reviews :

The app works great to an extent. you have to zoom in a little to close for my taste to see the gyms and sometimes it can be flat out wrong on how long a raid has but this is a far and few between issue. a in game quick view would be awesome because switching between apps mid raid hour is a little cumbersome. overall its a good start but im looking forward to updates

Had the app for a few weeks now, kept getting the same “something went wrong” error. Now it started sending me notifications telling me to invite friends. When I launch the app, still gives me the same error. Typical Niantic, sending annoying pings to my phone but won’t let you use the app.

The app is useful if it did nothing more than allow you to look around the map for available raids and raid eggs. It actually goes far beyond that allowing you to contact others in the area and even chat and share friend codes. It is very new so the community is still growing, but this will be incredibly helpful if it becomes fully realized.

2 months on and I’m still having the same app issues. Mainly in game icon does not connect to campfire app-If i have to background an app so i can open another to use why wouldn’t i just keep using messenger?? At least that works unlike this app. Keeps taking me to Google play only. Cannot light flare, says gps can’t be found even though gps is enabled and map pins shows my location. App keeps signing me out. My friends are having none of these issues.

I like the premise, and I’ve had a good experience using it so far. Theres plenty of room for QoL improvements but, if you can get an invite for it, it’s definitely worth at least checking out (for the raid map if nothing else)

It’s a great way to meet your fellow pokemonners and finally a way to gather locally for a raid without potentially losing a pass. If possible, I’d like there to be an update with Niantic to go between the open Campfire app and the PokemonGo app. Currently I can’t, it’s either one or the other and I have to re-load in between. Before i downloaded the campfire app, I could see a mini campfire map that gave pretty great details. Now I dont. But great idea, it’s a nice quality of life companion.

I am underwhelmed. Discord and facebook are far easier to coordinate on raids and when to meet up. The only way I can see this app being useful is if the chat is integrated into Pokemon go, and you have the ability to trade anything at any time to any trainer anywhere.

It does not work every time I try to log in it says oops something went wrong this app is a p.o.s.. I was good at invite and it works now my only suggestion is it would be nice if you could see pokestops as well.

It’s alright, gets the job done but pretty bare. Still invite only, no local chat with people that you don’t have added, can’t see stops (you can only see gyms on the map), no dark mode, etc. Could be better

Let me adjust the range of the flare notifications. Looks like to 10km which can be annoying to drive. A slider from as small as 1km up to 25km would be nice.

This app allows for quick coordination of long distance and in person raiding, so very well. I use it so much I feel guilty for not paying anything to use it. Thanks so much and game on.

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