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Nice Mind MapNice Mind Map helps you capture every moment of inspiration, manage mindmap, you can organize your thoughts, remember things, generate new ideas and share them with your friends and co-workers.

Nice Mind Map uses the technique of graphic and textual representation to show the relationship of topics, linking the key words of the topic with images, colors to create a memory link.

NEWLY added features:
TODO list, more handy then traditional Todo app
Quick doc, you can use to make light doc easily

Nice Mind Map is now a collection of Mind Map, TODO, and Doc app.
Just have a try, you will find it is a NICE and USEFUL app .

Whether you are a white-collar or business person who uses Nice Mind Map for daily brainstorming, organizing ideas and work planning, OR a school student and teacher who uses Nice Mind Map for organizing notes, preparing lessons, semester course planning and memorizing words, NICE Mind Map brings you all kinds of possibilities to make a big difference in the way you work and make a huge difference in the way you learn, teach and create in the classroom.

Nice Mind Map can uses in:
Meeting shorthand
Personal resume
Course notes
Planning projects
Preparing a presentation
Inspiration Gathering
Quick Summary
Shopping List
Creative writing
Goal settings
Qualitative analysis
TODO list
Quick note

Nice Mind Map Features:
Nice Mind Map is en effective mind map, easy to use, simple and flexible
Nice Mind Map has many layouts
Nice Mind Map has many templates for Personal, Work, Education, Life, you can change the template to be you own mindmap
Nice Mind Map has PC Version to improve you productivity
Nice Mind Map has many themes, theme style, theme color
You can insert pictures, Emoji, audio, hyperlink, attachment, etc.
You can add note, summary, boundary, callout, relationship to mindmap topic
You can set topic as Task, and you can add Calendar Reminder to it
You can add Priority or Progress mark to mindmap topic
You can Find & Replace words in mindmap
Nice Mind Map has Presentation Mode
Nice Mind Map has powerful and handy Outline Mode
Nice Mind Map support multi Sheet
Nice Mind Map support Text Scan, PDF Scan for quick input
Nice Mind Map support input LaTex
Nice Mind Map support 9 language for now
Maintain overview
Multi-layered tree
Fish-bone mind map style
Table mind map style
Nice Mind Map support SYNC mindmap to Google Drive and One Drive
Nice Mind Map support adding summary
Nice Mind Map support sub subject, you can enter sub subject to edit it
Nice Mind Map support copy/paste mind node
Add serial number for the nodes/topics of the same level
Change font color of mind map
Change the appearance of mind map
Export mind map as png, pdf, OPML or MarkDown
Folder support
Move node in mindmap
Share your mind map
Multi-level and logical frameworks
Feature of crop the pictures before add it in the mind map
Support dark mode
Support floating topic

Nice Mind Map PC Version:

We hope Nice Mind Map can help you take mindmap efficiently, your comments and rating are welcomed, you are helping us make Nice Mind Map better and better. Thanks a lot

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Nice Mind Map user reviews :

Early stages but so far enjoying using this to plan and map lots of ideas for a big trip which is a bit of a project. Simple to use which is what I wanted, but there are lots more sophisticated options you can use in the app if needed. Edited from 5 stars to 4 stars as even after paying some of the options are impossible to work out how to do, instructions on mobile app version not comprehensive and no search help option.

  • Got the feedback, thanks. which options that are impossible to work out how to do? you may send email to us, thanks.

I really like this app for its simplicity and functionality. It is just a great way for me to dump ideas into one place and expand on them as I go. Has really helped me map out personal and business ideas. Love the mobile and desktop versions.

My suggestions: 1. Add a feature where the parent’s topic settings (border, fill, text, line colors, etc.) can apply to its childrens’ topic settings 2. Better color picking aside from the gradient where we can just click some integral colors (like red, blue, green, etc.) and its light to dark variations. Using the gradient is hard and it even does not have a feature where we can save recently used colors.

Nice tool for project planning, organizing information, and much more (in quite amazing templates). Lots to try out before making a purchase.

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