Nida Harb 3 – Command your army into this modern World War

[Game] Nida Harb 3 – Empire of Steel | World War MMO

Nida Harb 3  Manufacture powerful tanks, forge alliances and together command your army into this modern World War strategy game full of action. Launch massive military campaigns to nuke your enemies and eventually capture the nuclear base.

Command your army
Construct panzers
Plan military operations
Nuke PVP enemies
Join rogue allies
Conquer nuclear base

Open-world map
A huge world map where players can fight each other, but also chat & make alliances. Side by side, gather resources and fight the roaming bands of dangerous mercenaries!

An extensive collection of tanks
Manufacture your armies from all kinds of modern tanks and vehicles. Train MBTs, tank destroyers, mobile artillery tanks, ballistic missile carriers and armored vehicles each with their own strengths & weaknesses.

The nuclear option
Dominate the battlefield and take control of the central nuclear base and become the military Emperor. Grant favorable titles to your allies and brand your enemies as bandits. Order a nuclear strike and destroy complete areas as a show of force and power!

Powerful generals and legendary equipment
Hire powerful generals under your command, each with their own skills and unique bonuses. Produce all kinds of equipment and gear. Don’t forget to change your tanks loadout accordingly to your strategy.

Research technologies
Research all kinds of economic and military technologies to suit your strategic needs, balance your economy and update your army to increase your capabilities and dominate the battlefield.

Massive military campaigns
Rally your allies and launch massive military campaigns together to take down the mightiest rivals.

Events and updates
Take part in all sorts of tides to increase your power and collect fantastic rewards. Join the worldwide events, where all the players must collaborate to succeed or join the cross-server fights and prove your server’s superiority, with constant updates and new features. The fun never stops!

Do you have what it takes to seize the title of the Emperor and push the red button?
Join the fight now and be the master of your destiny!

Nida Harb 3 user reviews :

Really the game was the perfect. But now after your updates you need only who pay to you not who want only fun. So please remove the game from freeware to shareware as you need money and we are not going to pay for it. Return the game back to the first way return the blackmarket and the other privileges to what it was
  • Babil Games LLC
  • Please know that our game is strategic and a skilled base game and it depends on self-effort, it’s not necessary to make any in-game purchases in order to upgrade yourself in the game, our game is generous and it contains a lot of exciting events that will help you in the game.Hopefully, you will reconsider your review for the better
Game is awesome But it’s not clear and the explanation in the game doesn’t clarify everything. In addition the in game support takes ages to replay. Some features of vip is not working when I activated. Please provide proper support fix the issues and provide further explanation about the game. For ex what will happen to the army when if I have 0 food? You should make the feature more accessible for the free player. Pay to win policy makes games less popular because not everyone can pay.
  • Babil Games LLCFebruary 25, 2019
  • Glad that you like our game! regarding the explanations we appreciate your point of view and will take it in consideration,keep in mind that our support team will gladly answer your questions so in case you contacted them they wont hesitate to help,Note that our game available for all and anybody can level up in the game either they pay or not
How can i change this Language. i Don’t understand arabia.plz tell me how to change to English.
  • Babil Games LLCFebruary 14, 2019
  • Thanks for your review ! you can change the language by pressing on your commander photo then chose (الاعدادات ) from the bottom side of the game screen then click on (اللغة) and chose English language

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