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[Game] NJPW Strong Spirits

NJPW Strong SpiritsNew Japan Pro-Wrestling brings the ultimate wrestling experience to your smartphone!

Develop the wrestler of your choosing and shape New Japan Pro-Wrestling in your own image!

Take your pick of the best!
Featuring unique story scenarios with original training video and photos created just for the game.
Take part in a one-of-a-kind experience in and out of the ring, only available in Strong Spirits!
More details will be available soon. Follow @njpwss_global on Twitter for the latest info!

Real video, real matches, real action!
The dramatic matches play out in perfectly captured FMV taken from actual classic bouts!
Don’t just relive classic moves and moments, play them!
Get the full experience with full ring entrances, complete with the actual music for many of your favourite stars!

From the ring to your phone!
Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kazuchika Okada, Tetsuya Naito and many more, all the greats of NJPW are here!

Train, fight, collect!
Get wrestler cards, photos and special items from the Tokon Shop! When not hitting the ring, fans can build the ultimate collection!

About New Japan Pro-Wrestling
Formed in 1972, Japan’s largest and longest running pro-wrestling organization joined the Bushiroad group in 2012. With a 50-year history, NJPW continues to build its legacy by pioneering the future of combat sports and entertainment.

NJPW SS Official Twitter
Japanese: 新日本プロレスSTRONG SPIRITS(新日SS)公式(@njpwss)
English: NJPWSS_Global(@njpwss_global)

Official teaser site
Japanese: njpw-strongspirits.bushimo.jp
English: njpw-strongspirits.bushimo.jp/en

NJPW Official Twitter
Japanese: 新日本プロレスリング公式(@njpw1972)
English: NJPW Global(@njpwglobal)

NJPW’s official homepage
Japanese: www.njpw.co.jp/
English: www.njpw1972.com/

Official YouTube
Japanese: www.youtube.com/user/NJPW

©New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co.,Ltd. ©bushiroad All Rights Reserved. ©Drecom Co.,Ltd.

NJPW Strong Spirits user reviews :

Once the initial upload issues got resolved, this turned out to be a fun little game. It’s a combination of a gacha (one where you have a decent chance to get most things), a wrestling trainer, and a slice-of-life game where you get to learn about the New Japan wrestlers. We will need the training segment to expand eventually, in order to avoid repetitiveness. But the foundation is here for a very good game.

As much as I love NJPW/Stardom and want to love this game, it has too many technical issues for me to give it a better score. Lag, freezes, and simply poor optimization leaves a bad taste in my mouth for this game. As for the gameplay, I love it and it feels like a reasonably handled gacha with an amazing battle trainer vibe with auto battling mechanics. It takes actual strategy to win your matches in single player and PVP. As for my hardware, I have a Lenovo M8 Tablet on Android 10.

The game overall is very enjoyable to play with amazing graphics, prizes, and new cards all the time. The Stardom crossover is my favorite thing about the game as it allows both companies to be showcased. Bugs are fixed quickly, and maintainence is done regularly.

Great game for any strong style Wrestling fan. However, if you open a Wrestler pack and wind up with wrestlers you don’t want to use or like you cant delete them or your progress and start over, I have that problem and would like to know if I can delete my progress somehow so I can start over again

this is a fantastic game by njpw. it’s a wrestling gacha/manager with animations from their real matches. the game focuses on building a faction of five training them and battling other factions great concept def feel like something I can get behind.

I was really looking forward to playing this game but it’s awful all it does after you download the game is another download you have to do and it just resets itself over and over again I want to be able to play this game

well I pre-registered the game long ago and when I saw the notification that it’s available I was excited but after installing the game it’s showing tap the screen I tapped continuously but it’s not responding, I left it for 2-3 minutes but not happened. I totally understand it’s a new launch and need to be done a lot of work. Kindy fix the issue in game.

  • Thank you very much for the review. This is the NJPW STRONG SPIRITS Support Team. Service for NJPW STRONG SPIRITS officially began on Feb. 28th at 14:00 JST. The game is now available to play, and we hope you enjoy the exciting wrestling gameplay it has to offer.

The game itself is a decent time waster and you can get a decent bit from it without paying anything. However, the app was updated within hours of the New Japan Cup ending, spoiling the winner. If you follow New Japan and watch on any kind of delay, be aware that this kind of thing may happen. It’s the reason I’m uninstalling even though I think the game is okay.

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