Nobodies After Death – Use everything at your disposal to hide the evidence

[Game] Nobodies After Death

Nobodies After Death  You are a ‘cleaner’ for a top-secret intelligence agency.

Your mission is to hide all evidence of carefully planned murders, leaving no sign that you or the target were ever there.

Nobodies: After Death is a puzzle adventure in which you use your wits and resourcefulness to make sure your agency’s actions remain hidden. You aid them in taking out rogue members of your own ranks, who have defected with information on a bioweapon that threatens global security.


Many new murders to cover up: use everything at your disposal to hide the evidence.
Packed with puzzles: each mission has different challenges to overcome, from classic inventory puzzles to unique mind-bending tasks.
Multiple approaches, one solution: there are many creative ways to fail each mission, sometimes spectacularly.
Hand-crafted art: over 100 hand-drawn scenes to search and explore.
A gripping tale: continues the riveting narrative of Nobodies: Murder Cleaner.

Nobodies After Death user reviews :

I love this game, the story is absolutely brilliant and the art is fascinating. obviously not those type of “look for stuff” kinda game which is repetitive and doesn’t really make sense to the whole plot (atleast for me). also, let’s not complain about the ads, shall we? they need that money in order to make more improvements. anyway, I wish the other characters do have voice-over too but overall impressive, can’t wait for the upcoming missions

The game itself is pretty good and intriguing. The graphics/art is very cool and i like looking at it. I’m slightly disappointed with how many ads you get during a mission though. I’m okay with ads after completing a mission, but the constant ads during one completely take me out of the game. Regardless I’m trying to pull through and continue the game.

So glad to see a Nobodies 2!! Absolutely incredible. The stories are so immersive, and the art is so pleasing to look at. The ads are not nearly as annoying as I’ve seen some other reviews mention. The only thing I didn’t like is that some of the hints are too vague. Some tasks in the stories are also so oddly specific that I would have never thought to take that approach. Despite that, I recommend this game to all!

It was awesome playing this game. Literally enjoyed each level. Nice music background effects too. Kudos to the entire team. Looking forward for more levels. I want to tell u about a minor bug I came across. When the items picked are more it starts showing on the main screen. You can work fixing this. Thanks again.

I have no words for how amazing this game is. The characterization of the cleaner represented through the comments made about the scenery is incredible. The puzzles to pull off the perfect murder are succinct, complex, and thought provoking. The achievements are an added bonus that encourage you to really explore what you can do. I played the first Nobodies and I just cannot get enough.

Awesome follow up to the first game. Puzzles are tricky and complex which requires you to think outside the box. The ads are often but if having ads means I get to play this for free then it’s acceptable. I loved the first game and this sequel did not disappoint! Highly impressed and highly recommended. Cannot wait for more levels as I cannot get enough of this game.

Super disappointed… This game seems like an awesome game. I adore games like this that let you earn coins, points, etc. by watching ads. Level 1 was fun, once I figured out what to do. It needs more directions/better tutorial- SOMETHING that explains what you’re supposed to do! I had to uninstall after 4 failed attempts at level 2 because the hint was basically unattainable (it said “buy a pizza from the bartender.” After clicking everywhere, it wouldn’t let me do what it told me to do!)

Loved the first game and this one follows suit pretty well. Its fun and you have to use your brain to complete the missions. My problems with the game are the same as with the first one with an extra problem on top. The adds come every other minute or so. Many of the missions are impossible to solve without hints (for which you watch more adds). My biggest issue with the game is that, every few minutes of play, the game will just freeze except for the audio. This makes me have restart every time

Just like the last game, this game is engaging and has beautiful art. The game had clever ways of disposing of the bodies, and like the last one there are a few red herrings here and there (like a trashcan or an oil drum where it will be discovered). I would definitely recommend it and the last game to prey much anyone. I never had problems with bugs or anything like that. Always a pleasure.

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