NQ Mobile Security – Ensures the safety of your personal accounts

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NQ Mobile SecurityFeatures

Antivirus: Features Antivirus: Removes viruses, malware and trojans while scanning downloaded and installed apps in real time for maximum phone protection.

Safe Browsing: Blocks phishing and malicious websites and ensures a safe online surfing environment.

Account Protection: Ensures the safety of your personal accounts

Privacy report: Monitors and stops unauthorized accesses to your contacts, messages, location and other private files.

App Management: Helps you uninstall unused apps or even useless pre-installed apps (ROOT required) and installation files.

Data Usage Management: Real-time traffic monitor and alert to avoid overuse.

Feel free to contact customer service at big.cats.feb+support[at]gmail.com if you have any questions.

NQ Mobile Security user reviews :

I’ve been using NQ mobile security for about ten years now; it’s a great and reliable antivirus and cleaner. However, I gave the app only 4 stars because the developer has intentionally made it impossible to update the app. I don’t understand why something as simple as updating an app became a premium feature, and even when you try to upgade to the premium package, all you get is connection error or server down.

Of the 20+ such apps, This is only app that “updated my virus database” for free (I only had to watch 2 ads) But this App said “No threats found” WHILE, my enemies were doing their evil against this poor phone of mine..

I’ve had a virus on my phone for a year now and not one virus scanning app could ever detect it but this one did. It was a major vulnerability with the OS which caused my pre-installed apps to be uninstalled and replaced with bogus ones. Not only that but who ever downloaded this into my devices also had remote control access and was spying on me. Thank you SO MUCH Netqin!!

i received a notice that there is an upgrade so i updated it but instead it uninstalled the app. when i reinstalled it have me the free trial and would not update my account as i still have 2 more month left on my subscription. i tried to update and upgrade and it says network failed, verify your connection on both days and wireless. i had a good stopping signal, only this app had a problem. please. i installed and reinstalled & nothing. Sad i had them for 6 years they were good, now they arenot

Used this app for many years without issue. However, for the last 6 months, have not been able to update the virus database. It used to cost £1 to update, on a more or less monthly basis, which was fine. Now all I get is a message saying “unable to connect, try again later”. I am always connected to wifi when I do this so I’m unsure why a connection is unsuccessful. Must be an issue with the app itself. Feel unprotected, due to out of date virus database, so replaced it with another app.

I’ve been using NQ for several years with no problems and loved it. Lately, erroneous Network Connection issues ongoing. I haven’t been able to update virus scan. I’ve lost confidence in the product. On top of that, I just re-upped my re-subscription but it looks like my refund won’t take effect until the END of my subscription in 2020. Question remains: Does NQ still have access to my phone??

This is the absolute best portable smart phone and portable smart tablet security app. It knows how to close apps taking temporary memory and it can instantly fix all kinds of malware and riskware. I like this one better than Lookout because it does not mind an app that has a screen overlay whereas Lookout once messaged me that I had a screen overlay interfering with its operation. I want screen overlays for some apps that I like and for apps that require it.

One of the best anti-virus software out there. I have been using this app from the days of Nokia Symbian until the era of Android. 2010 to date is no joke

With the exception of the hackers that keep taking over every inch of my life until my organs shut down and cancer kills me y’all are great!!!! Keep up the fantastic work.

THIS is My favorite app because it works but is to HEAVY METAL it’s works ok laters

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