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ObsidianObsidian is a powerful knowledge base that works on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files.

It is a second brain, for you, forever. Now available on the go for Android!

Features include:
Customizable toolbar
Pull down quick actions
Graph view
Share to and from Obsidian
Community plugins
Sidebar pinning for tablet

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Obsidian user reviews :

Best notes app by a wide margin. It’s surprisingly customizable for a mobile app too, it even has a plugin system. It’s like a full-featured desktop app shrunk down to phone size, but somehow doesn’t feel too cluttered or bloated, which imo is a design miracle. I wish more Android apps were designed this way. The one issue is syncing, you’ll either have to pay the monthly subscription or use a third-party sync app, fortunately it’s “just text files” so anything should work.

I have this app on all of my computers and use OneDrive to collaborate. Unfortunately, even though I can access one drive on my phone (or Google drive) I can’t access the vaults. This app would be perfect to work on the go, but not allowing me to reach outside of the phone’s internal storage is a damper. I could pay the fee for the ability to sync, but it doesn’t make sense when I have a working method already for all other computers.

Setting up the app for the first time is a little intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, it’s the best app for offline note-taking. Plenty of downloadable plugins make formatting your notes easy. There are lots of features I’ve yet to explore, but even at the base level, it’s a no-nonsense, functional yet aesthetically pleasing app that has none of the annoying account-making and syncing obligations that the majority of note-keeping apps force upon you.

Obsidian is the app I’ve been searching for to replace an increasingly disappointing Evernote. However, Obsidian is more than just a replacement, it’s a paradigm shift in how to manage notes and how they relate through tagging. I’ve hooked mine up to sync from my OneDrive account and it works wonderfully. The fact the notes live on my systems and drives only is a massive feature, as that puts me in control of my security, rather than having a third party decide how private your notes are.

Perfect, lots of possibilities, I love the fact that I can save audio + text + pictures within the same note, it makes it so easy and clean to manage different projects. Only thing that I would correct is the fact that audio (mp3) often stops before the end, it’s a very recurrent problem.

This is a non structured note taking app. Learning curve is steep. It requires a bit of knowledge to get started. Better take some introductory videos about this app! Without proper knowledge, the app cannot be used to its full potential. And then there are hell lot of plugins too! The main difference between this and other apps is that this allows to build any structure on our own whereas structured note taking apps like Evernotes, Notion will limit to its defined structure.

Amazing replacement for Evernote, so easy now to format my precious notes, organise thoughts. Huge community and regular updates. Can be as simple or as complex as one wishes. A major element is the choice of markdown as a language for the editor, very versatile and easy to learn. The magic is also the possibility of saving notes automatically on several devices for archiving.

Works perfect on my edge 2022. Has everything I’ve been looking for in note and research and writing etc app. Takes some learning, few min on YouTube and then you’re good to start. A lot to find out. Tons of specific and thematic personalization no other apps offer, and free. Male a “Vault”, which is like a blank laptop, then fill as you go or need, in the style of folders (subject, or project, etc) with ‘pages’ inside, and/or +folders. GPT assistant plugins free with your API. Recommend.

Amazing app. It makes the process of making notes so much easier and faster. It has a lot of options, and the fact its completely free just blows my mind. I love it. Only suggestion i would make is to add option for using volume buttons as right/left arrows when on phone, this would make my life even easier

the best tasking app ive used yet. its a little rough around the edges, has a few bugs and could use a UI overhaul but the concept is great and building on .md files makes it very hackable and easy to add extensions and programs to. if you like tasking apps and have a few hours give this a try!

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