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Offline Notepad Offline Notepad is exactly what it says on the tin: A notepad which operates completely offline. No server syncs or data loss if you forget the login credentials to your account!

Main features include:

Create as many notes as you like, and search for them by title or anything in the note body to find them again at ease. Tap the ‘copy’ button on a note to copy the note contents to your clipboard with ease.

Create & write your weekly shopping list or anything else with the dedicated list creation feature; add as many items as you like!

Organise your notes & lists into folders and sub-folders, create as many folders as you like – as many layers deep as you like also!

Revisit old revisions/edits of a note/list to see the history of that item. You may also replace the current version of that note or list with an older version of it.

Pin your favoured notes/lists/folders to the top to help filter out the items you aren’t actively updating.

Export & import your items to yourself across devices by following the export/import process within the app. As this is an offline notepad, the export/import process is done by emailing your data to yourself. Your exported items are encrypted by default.

Lock the app to portrait (default) or landscape so you can use it on phones & tablets alike!

Offline notepad is entirely free & your notes, lists and folders are only stored within the app itself. There are no limitations on how many items you can create or how many times you can edit your notes/lists.

That’s all there is to it – happy note taking!

Offline Notepad user reviews :

Absolutely wonderful! Thank you! I became frustrated with bookmarks export and backup in browsers. I now use this for my bookmarks. It is very well set up for organizing notes and folders, and that’s the free version. A very well written app. No useless bells and whistles – just efficient function. Thank you again sir. Update 2020-03-04. Thanks for all the upgrades Gino. Appreciate them.
  • Gino Basiletti
  • Thank you for writing such a kind review :) I’m glad you feel it is efficient at what it is meant to do, I appreciate your feedback! Best wishes
Updated rating. Great app, don’t know why one would use anything else, I’d like to increase my rating to 5 stars, but this is why I rated 4 stars…… The only issue I had was the font size, on my other device the font size is fine, yet is too large on this device, and without mentioning this, he has created the font size option now, great!! ……except it doesn’t work. I reduced the size from regular to small, no change, the text within the note is still too large, the same as before.
  • Gino Basiletti
  • Hey DSG, thanks for reviewing! Completely understand the problem, there is a size tweak for the ‘small’ setting coming in the next week or so – i didn’t modify some sizes enough. Sit tight, some texts on small will be fixed shortly! :) Thanks again for reviewing!
Loving this app so far! No ads, no popups, and private. It’s just a good notes app through and through. I use it for writing mostly, or dream journaling. One thing I’d like to see in the future is text edits. Like bold, italics, underlining, general stuff like that. The new size feature is great! I actually made the text smaller so I could see more of what I wrote, lol. Hope this app never goes away :) it feels like my works are safe and secure, even if they’re just for fun
  • Gino Basiletti
  • Thank you so much for such a heartfelt review Emily! I really appreciate it I’m pleased that the recent resizing update has helped! I am starting to look into supporting “rich text” for the app, so features such as bold/underline may make their way into the app in the future. Stay tuned, thanks again!
Developer is responsive and friendly. I test a lot of apps as new ones come along. After losing phones to damage and theft, cloud backup seemed good. Then backup fails or Google senses a problem and locks you out. It can be a challenge to get back in. My new solution: Use this app to store my passwords and other sensitive info, with it’s encrypted notes sent to an email I know I can access. DL a copy to a flash drive and put it away. Edit history is awesome! Lists with percent too. Nice app!
  • Gino Basiletti
  • Thanks so much for your review George, very kind of you! I do my best I’m glad you like some of the more unique parts of the app! Hope it continues to serve you well, thanks again!

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