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OpenHub  An open source GitHub client app, faster and concise, support theme, accent color, language switch, with cool syntax highlighting, support multi-account switching, don’t dependent on GMS.



Two login types (Basic Auth) and (OAuth)
Light and dark theme, multiple accent color
Markdown and code highlighting support
English, Simplified Chinese, Hebrew, German and Hindi support
Offline mode
Support trending repositories of all languages
Support multi-account switching
Search repos and users
Shortcuts support
Notifications support
Bookmark users or repos
Record trace of the repos or users you have been viewed
View github collections
View github featured topics
Support disable loading network image while mobile network

View repo info
Star, watch and fork repos
View repo files, commits and activity
Download source code, releases and files
View your private, public, forked and starred repos
View trending repos of daily, weekly and monthly
Search repos
View recent wiki updates

View user info
View user followers, following, organizations
View user public repositories, starred repositories and activity
View your private repositories
Follow/Unfollow users
Search users

View org info
View org public repositories and activity
View org members

View issue info, comments and events
Create, open and close issues
Create, edit and delete issue comments
Edit, add and delete your labels
Write comment with preview
View your created, assigned and mentioned issues
View repository issues

View commit info and files
View file diff
View repository commits

And more
OpenHub is growing, try to be better github client.

Please report any issues at Github or email me the issues.

OpenHub is an open source GitHub client, we will open and free for all time, you can view source code at:

Thanks for your using, have a nice day.

OpenHub user reviews :

At the time of this review, OpenHub is much better than the official Github app.

A perfect app. But it doesn’t natively support the Two Factor Authentication, requiring you to use default browser to login. So hoping it can just pop up a dialog where you enter your one-time code instead of showing “Unauthorized”.

nearly perfect, the vertical spacing on the issue title and the next line is clashing and looks a bit ugly, would love to see this fixed. also the edit button overlaps the ‘XX hours ago” text in the issue view.

I like the app, but it keeps logging me out, it would be nice to have the app remember my session. It often gives some java exception when trying to login. So I have to do it multiple times.

Peefect! The only thing I would change is there no way to create new repositories. But other than that it’s a beautiful app that I-d recommend it to anyone! Thank you developers! Edit: After looking at other GitHub apps I realized none of them seem to allow repo creation, which is absolutely STUPID, but is most likely Git or GitHub’s fault due to design it implementation flaw (foolish developers lol) and certainly not OpenHub’s fault, so I apologize for the 4 star rating. Changing to 5 now.

The app makes it very easy to access your settings and repositories and the news about it. But t one down side is that you can’t edit the files of the repository or delete it. It would be a much better app if it had those freatures.

Definitely some issues with login. Not sure if the oauth login message at the bottom is supposed to be a link, but despite being logged in from the browser, username/email and password will not login.

Doesn’t have all the features you need. Not bad at the features it does have but you’re better off just using a browser.

One vital feature is missing. Add a filter by language to the search feature. Make it a priority. Otherwise, it’s a good app

Can’t sign up!!!!!!! Keep getting an error message.. Just won’t let me sign up.. Please fix.. Been like this for months now!!! I will review my rating accordingly.. Your lucky you got 3*

I find myself coming back to this app as a reference continually and find it helps me with all kinds of situations, every time I catch myself needing more information about accounts I’m working on I find myself coming back to this app, I think it’s on of the most important app I have.

I will give you 5 stars if you can fix login problem. Everytime i use this app, i keep relogin (which is incovenient because oAuth). I hope you can add an option about this. Overal this is best mobile github app

Best Android Github client I’ve found! It’s unfortunate that you are logged out after a while and have to log back in. If you use autofill, it makes it really quick though.

Nice smooth interface. Similar enough to github to be an easy learn but different enough to take advantage of the phone interface.

Very nice app, but there seems to be no way to view pull requests, whether it be my own repos or others.

Beautiful user interface and works really great. If you add notification support it’ll be perfect!

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App removed from Play Store 

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