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OsmAnd+ is an offline world map application based on OpenStreetMap (OSM), which allows you to navigate taking into account the preferred roads and vehicle dimensions. Plan routes based on inclines and record GPX tracks without an internet connection.
OsmAnd+ is an open source app. We do not collect user data and you decide what data the app will have access to.

Main features:

OsmAnd+ privilegies (Maps+)

Unlimited map downloads;
Topo data (Contour lines and Terrain);
Nautical depths;
Offline Wikipedia;
Offline Wikivoyage – Travel guides;

Map view
Choice of places to be displayed on the map: attractions, food, health and more;
Search for places by address, name, coordinates, or category;
Map styles for the convenience of different activities: touring view, nautical map, winter and ski, topographic, desert, off-road, and others;
Shading relief and plug-in contour lines;
Ability to overlay different sources of maps on top of each other;

GPS Navigation
Plotting a route to a place without an Internet connection;
Customizable navigation profiles for different vehicles: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, 4×4, pedestrians, boats, public transport, and more;
Change the constructed route, taking into account the exclusion of certain roads or road surfaces;
Customizable information widgets about the route: distance, speed, remaining travel time, distance to turn, and more;

Route Planning and Recording
Plotting a route point by point using one or multiple navigation profiles;
Route recording using GPX tracks;
Manage GPX tracks: displaying your own or imported GPX tracks on the map, navigating through them;
Visual data about the route – descents/ascents, distances;
Ability to share GPX track in OpenStreetMap;

Creation of points with different functionality
Audio/video notes;

Making edits to OSM;
Updating maps with a frequency of up to one hour;

Additional features
Android Auto support;
Compass and radius ruler;
Mapillary interface;
Nautical depths;
Offline Wikipedia;
Offline Wikivoyage – Travel guides;
Night theme;
Large community of users around the world, documentation, and support;

Paid features:

OsmAnd Pro (subscription)
All Maps+ features;
OsmAnd Cloud (backup and restore);
Pro features;
Hourly map updates.

OsmAnd user reviews :

Very good offline navigation app, detailed maps, precise navigation. I’m using this app for 3 years now. Because of my job I’m kind of a globetrotter and, no matter where in the world i was, as long as I downloaded the map in advance, never had to use the data plan to navigate (sometimes unavailable, sometimes very expensive in some parts of the world if you’re not local)

This navigation software has steadily grown to become very detailed, flexible and reliable. The open source maps are accurate and detailed to the individual tree and bush, while the TTS voice guidance is fluent enough that you don’t miss anything. Offline navigation, driving profiles, route options, map layers and much more.

I’ve had this paid version several years to have a navigation backup abroad where I may not have internet reception. It works alright but I think it would be very good if it utilized the Google maps api to search addresses while being online. I’d search relevant locations from somewhere with a WiFi connection and then use those locations later. But know you can’t just write an address and expect it to work. So I always use coordinates, which is inconvenient. Also track navigation is not optimal

  • Hello, Thomas! Thank you for the feedback. You can try to use Address search in Search > Address. You can also send to support[at]osmand.net search address examples so we can test it.

I have used Osmand for 5 years and rated 5 stars. I upgraded and I don’t mind supporting the developers. Nothing I read told me this is an entirely new app that requires a separate download of maps. I wasted hours trying to workout why my phone/sd card kept running out of space. You must delete all previous maps and then the old Osmand app. I have now lost speed cameras so pay more, get less, all very frustrating.

  • Hello, Adrian! Thank you for the feedback. You can get the same options in free to install a version of OsmAnd by purchasing “Maps+” in-app. If you have any other questions please contact us at support[at]osmand.net

If you’re a little bit technical then this could really be the best map app for walking around in cities. It has *a lot* of details, such as benches, playgrounds, parks, wheelchair accessibility and various info about stores and restaurants, such as WiFi access. The map rendering looks great, and it’s easy to see where you can find grass and parks, etc.

My go-to hiking app since 2010, when I got my first smartphone, a HTC Desire. Used it all over the world, bit mainly Europe and the US. Planning hiking trips is a breeze once you learned how the app is set up. But due it’s enormous amount of functionality it is not the easiest app to master. Still 5 out of 5 stars, because it is one of the very few apps I can’t live without.

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