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[Game] Parking Mania 2

Parking Mania 2Parking Mania 2 : Play the sequel of Parking Mania in 3D now!

Test your parking skills in a lot or road and become a champion! With hundreds of levels to choose from you can test your ability to parallel park or reverse into a tricky bay! Be careful to not hit the curb on the road or other cars – otherwise a cop might see and rage with fury! A cop wants to catch you at the lot!
We hope you remember passing your license!

Drive through different garage lots and challenge yourself. You can reverse into a bay, meander a roundabout and make sure to be careful of the pavers! No signal is given to aid you. License to roam the freeway road but get the car back to the tricky garage lot or tiny bay in one piece! Cross the path of delivery trucks without hitting them! Avoid a ticket from a cop! The parallel park is no joke, especially next to some pavers. Complete levels to win points, then spend them on cool upgrades like supercars!

Simple game mechanics include an accelerator pedal, a brake pedal and a steering wheel, all in 3D. No clutch, no problem! Channel the fury you feel in traffic and park the vehicle in the tiny garage space as best you can. Get away from the pavers! The high speed and tiny space challenge will make it difficult to complete but you can do it! Carefully handle the motor, watch out for the pedestrian cop and you’re good to go. Reverse, parallel park or drive safely away or a cop and copper might get you!

This 3D parking simulator provides endless free fun to people of all ages. Missions include becoming a taxi driver, valet, towing truck or goods delivery and many more! Cross all of them off your challenge list! With no signal to help out, a lot of clutch moments are incoming! Police yourself or pay the price, especially if you try to motor through a roundabout!

Away from the busy freeway or highway – drive in a speed frenzy with your supercars or carefully steer your truck to the bay, the tricky choice is yours! A quick warning, the roundabouts and reverse moves in 3D are difficult to master! Make sure to contrast your parallel high scores on the leaderboard!


Parking Mania 2 user reviews :

I like this game. It is fun and relaxing. The thing that I would say needs to be fixed/changed is to not have the option to go to the main menu or go to the next level when someone finished a level. I don’t see the point and I think others would agree. Another thing that I think needs to be changed is if you are offline, you should still be able to save your game. Overall i will give this game 4 stars.

The only reason I’m leaving a review is because there are invisible gates that it tells you to drive through and then when you get them, you have to pay to have your car “repaired”. There’s no way to know about these gates until you hit them.

Good game, could use the option for music (car radio) and also would like an option to change the colour of the controls. The white can be very hard to see! I have had other cars hit me and I lose points, and I get graded on my parking before I am completely stopped. Last issue is the vehicles do not seem to be able to turn sharply enough. Other than that, good graphics and challenging levels. I do like this game, I just think there is room for improvement.

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