Path of Adventure – Will you explore the ancient ruins

[Game] Path of Adventure – Text-based roguelike

Path of Adventure  Please note: this game is only available in English.

Get ready to battle monsters, crawl dungeons and hoard treasures! Will you survive the legendary Path of Adventure?

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This is a game of words and choices. Take part in a fantasy narrative and decide how you want to act. Will you explore the ancient ruins? When to use magic? And what to buy from the merchant?

Gameplay first
Still—this is a true game! Inspired by both classic D&D and modern RPG’s, it features:
Turn-based combat
Procedurally generated dungeons
Random loot & events
Loads of weapons, items and monsters
6 unique playable characters

Easy to learn, hard to master
Never played a game like this before? No problem! Just start with the tutorial and continue your way. But beware: this game is a real challenge and requires wits and tactics to win!

Free to play
This game is free to play, and free to win. The only in-app-purchases are Resurrects and Undos. They are handy, but completely optional.

Path of Adventure is optimized for screen readers; thanks to the help and support from the community of visually impaired players.

Path of Adventure user reviews :

It’s a bit unbalanced but all together great. Edit: I’ve come back to the game after a year or two, and specifically the challenge increases too quickly. You’re able to beat the first difficulty (after the tutorial) extremely easily but the second difficulty almost seems unbeatable and there are a few difficulties after that. Other than that, it’s still a great game and keeps me coming back.

I’ve had this installed for a while, and I really like it as a casual thing to come back to a lot. I’d love if there were a bit more variety, some other paths, etc, but there’s enough to keep it interesting while multitasking and it’s fun to play while listening to podcasts or watching YouTube, or if I can’t sleep at night. I wish I could find a few more games like this, honestly, and I like it aesthetically more than other text-based games

Loved this game. I even managed to complete all levels including the Ridiculous Hard ‘Ring-Bearer’ (with the help of a couple resurrects) I wish there was more.. please make a sequel, or add more characters/levels. Maybe add some flavor as each story line was mostly the same. I keep replaying the levels over and over, now trying to get a higher “score” (money/stats) at the end of each run. Bring on more Path of Adventure!

Amazing game! I just love playing this game, while I’m in the car, or just sitting at home during this COVID19 thing. Thank you so so so much for creating this game! And I look foreward to others like it! Plz make more text based adventure games likr this. I would like some more in depth stories though, maybe even a bit of romance? Any ways thanks for this awesome experience! Also can there please be save spots, as I made it to the Castle but died by the stupid Giant, so I had to start all over.
  • Keeweed
  • Thanks for the review!
Enjoyable, there’s no adds and paying for things like redos and resurrection are not invasive and it’s perfectly fine to finish the game without them. If you’re fine with reading a lot, it’s just challenging enough to not be boring and attainable enough to make you want to keep playing. However, I wish the castle didn’t last so long and have so many death and item-using challenges.
  • Keeweed
  • Thank you for the great review and sharing your feedback, Ruby!
Enjoy the game immensely and the UI and story is excellent. The only problem is that you sort of want to experience each playable trope, and not have to be stuck on one for a week until you unlock the next one. Maybe this could be helped by tweeking some of the starting stats, and also increasing the probability factor for finding another ring, as this would also give it more of a rougelike feel (e.i. mixing different tropes towards you preference. Otherwise great. Thank you.
  • Keeweed
  • Thank you for the review and the feedback, Corne!
This game is wonderful, if you’re into the genre. No ads, the only payment options are small and you don’t feel bombarded with pop ups for money every 5 secs (once per run). The story is basically the same each run BUT the randomisation and different bonuses for each character type make it wonderful to replay each time. I’m constantly trying new methods, playing new runs and replaying levels without getting bored. It really makes your mind work and gets you thinking.
  • Keeweed
  • Thank you for the great review! Glad you like the game :)
This game really good but it kinda frustrated because it need thoughtful idea how to solve problem.Well this game is good and the plot of the stories also very good but the monster we fought on the easiest level was overwhelmed and unfair for average player.I don’t know how to win the first level but it still good to play.I hope u can add more interesting level for this game.So i review this game with full mark.
  • Keeweed
  • Thanks for the review, Ahmad!

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