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[Game] PDF Merge – Create & Combine Text, Image & Web page

PDF Merge

Send multiple files in single email attachments.

Merge two or more PDF, Web pages, Jpeg and PNG files into one compact PDF that’s easy to share, archive, or send out for review.

Arrange files in any order

Drag and drop files until they’re organized just the way you want them and simple swipe to cancel the document, modern user interface and simple design.

Get files from multiple source

Easy to access files from local storage, camera and from web site to combine into compact PDF file.

Built in web page to PDF converter

Convert any web page to PDF using built in web page to PDF converter and merge them with another files.

You are only limited by your local storage capacity

Merge any number of files no limitation on PDF document and other file merging.

Create PDF from scratch with rich text editor

Now you can create PDF from the scratch with text and images.

Application provides below options

1. Merge PDF or images into a single PDF
2. Image to PDF suing the merge option.
3. Rearrange PDF to any order when merging.
4. Encrypt the PDF document with password
5. Compress the PDF document.
6. Convert web pages to PDF.

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PDF Merge user reviews :

It was a great app for me to organize and change images to pdf file. It’s more convenient before. I could send images from gallery to the app and change to pdf but now I can’t. I can’t select multiple images/files either in the app anymore. I have to click “add file” each time to choose a single image. I prefer previous version. I hope you fix it soon.

It’s very easy to use and I like how it works. The interface is also nice. One suggestion I highly recommend incorporating is the ability to adjust margins when putting in pictures to make them into pdfs and the ability to know how much compression is happening. Even an option for no margin would help. I would really appreciate if these feature were added. Thanks for making this.

The high and low compression seem to result in the same size (for png combination). The app doesn’t remember the last folder. The pages aren’t previewed before saving. The file is saved to some unknown folder which then has to be copied to the normal storage space. So it takes a lot of time to do a simple task. Anyway it’s free and does the job well enough, thanks.

It’s actually really helpful, not only you can merge PDFs into one but you can add other files into the PDF like pictures. For the ppl that say they can’t find the file, you can open it through the app, or after making the file, select “copy to” and choose the folder you want the PDF to be saved in.

It’s a great application. Make it free and position ads in such a way that user’s experience remains unaffected and the commercial intention remains stable in its own place. It’s better to have users than lose them because of clutter in the ads around the app when in use. Insight is a good example of how to keep it neat . Check it out makers!

The app seems to be pretty nice and walks through the motion of merging PDFs. However it falls down when it comes to actually saving them and allowing you to retrieve them. The folder location is buried deep within the phone and once navigating there, the files still did not exist.

This app mergee fast, after you save the pdf it shows a path to the folder, but the file won’t be saved there. And honestly that’s so useless. So unless you want the app data to increase and not find your saved file in phone.. good luck. (I trusted this app in a very serious moment and it failed me with this very aspect so yeah I am gonna hate this app until it’s get fixed) (New edit) okay thank you,.. I understood.
  • Benzveen
  • This is very simple, you can copy the files from app to internal storage where you want, and you can delete from app.
It is good for merging PDFs and converting texts into PDF files. But, it doesn’t show the completed works on File Manager (My File). It shows only on app. I could find the path but no files there. Where were they? Edit : Oh! I got it now. It is so useful for me. Thanks and I gave more stars.
  • Benzveen
  • It is stored inside the app storage for security reasons, use copy to option to copy your files to local storage.

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