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[App] Phone Doctor Plus

Phone Doctor PlusPhone Doctor Plus Features:

Get all smartphone status at a glance.
Real system information and functions.
Record daily battery charge cycles.
Record and monitor network usage to avoid overuse.
Integrate [ hardware, battery, memory, and storage] information monitoring.
Multi-patent, Quick and precisely check 30 Smartphone hardware items.

Must have app! When you buy a new or used Smartphone: Eliminate your risk on purchase.
Get your old Smartphone checked before warranty expires.

Tests of 30 Hardware Items & Sensors
1. Multi-touch
2. Touch Screen
3. Earphones & Microphone (patented) : Automatically check the audio system from 300Hz to 12000 Hz by feedback system & FFT algorithms.
4. Speaker & Microphone (patented): Automatically check the audio system from 300Hz to 12000Hz by feedback system & FFT algorithms.
5. Call function: Check if the Smartphone can connect to base station.
6. Accelerometer: Check if the Smartphone can detect the acceleration and gravity.
7. Gyroscope: Check if the Smartphone can detect the orientation.
8. Proximity Sensor: Check whether the proximity sensor can normally detect the approach of your face and shuts down the screen to avoid sense errors.
9. Display: Check display of monitor.
10. Compass: Check the stability of the compass.
11. Storage: Check the Storage speed.
12. Memory: Make sure the memory access speed is ok.
13. Spec Check: To confirm if it’s the exact Smartphone spec you bought in case of any spec error.
14. CPU: Use a benchmark to test performance.
15. Camera
16. Vibration (patented): Automatically check the vibrator.
17. Flash (patented): Automatically check the flash light.
18. Earphone jack: Detect if the earphone jack can detect the insertion of earphones.
19. GPS
20. 3G chip: Detect if the 3G chip can connect to the base station.
21. WiFi: Detect if the Smartphone can connect to WiFi AP.
22. Bluetooth: Check if Bluetooth can be turned on and connect to other iDevice.
23. Silent & Volume Control Button: Test mute and volume button.
24. Home Button
25. Sleep Button
26.Temperature Sensor
27.Humidity Sensor
28.Pressure Sensor
29.Step Counter
30.Light sensor

Phone Doctor Plus user reviews :

It has helped me to find out my vibration wasn’t working on my phone, but same app on two different phones worked. When things start acting weird on my phone, I use this first.

Actually found tons of useless files cache etc. I was so surprised that it really made a difference. Not like the other cleaner apps.

Used this on 7 – 8 phones (HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, ZTE, etc. ), and it’s been good for all of them. G. Dixon, Kennewick.

Very useful I’ve only run audio tests but so far the app seems very useful. Very nice tool for troubleshooting & more. –My only real issue, & a personal annoyance, is that it cannot be installed to SD on Moto E running KitKat, which is notorious for low internal mem. Most apps (many being very complex apps) can easily be installed it moved to SD, unfortunately this one cannot & it’s not a small app either… Otherwise I’d rate 5 Stars

This gave me only cursory info. I wanted to be able to test 4g and 3g signal issues, but the program just sat there and provided no information at all. When I attended to test the wireless signal; again I was provided no info. It showed me RAM and CPU usage, but I have that info directly from the phone. Chose to remove the program.

Almost perfect! Excellent work on this app, tested everything in my phone just about. Would give it five stars if it was able to detect a bug. Overall great app to test all phone functionally.

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The application has been temporarily removed from the google play store

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