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Photo FinishPhoto Finish introduces an innovative automatic timing system right to your smartphone, designed to precisely measure athletic performance across a range of sports including track and field, soccer, American football, basketball, hockey, and many more!

Using your phone’s camera, athletes are automatically detected, and timing data is seamlessly transmitted between devices:

Simply set up a phone at each desired measurement point, preferably on a tripod for precise alignment.
A single phone can automatically measure lap times with high precision As athletes pass, their chests are detected, and a photo finish image is captured. This method eliminates the timing inaccuracies found in laser systems, which can be triggered by hands or thighs.

With two or more phones, the functionalities multiply:
Measure your flying sprints with 2 phones in detection mode,
Utilize the “Touch” start feature on one phone for standing starts without factoring in reaction time, trigger the start with a loud external noise, such as a starting gun,
or let the phone give you the full competition starting instructions!
Coaches can connect an additional phone to oversee and manage training from any spot on the field!
Predefine your training sessions and the participating athletes in the Automatic Series Mode. Once set, there’s no need to interact with the phones during training. Voice commands announce the next athlete, and all performances are recorded hands-free!

Photo Finish is designed for user-friendliness and effortless setup. Devices connect and synchronize via Bluetooth, and subsequently share their timing data over the internet, ensuring limitless transmission range.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art automatic chest detection, the system boasts superior accuracy, even surpassing high-end track and field light barrier timing systems.

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Photo Finish user reviews :

In my experience this app has been an excellent solution to setting up time gates and getting accurate times. The ability to sync multiple devices is superb as it allows for split times. All times can be saved and exported on csv files for further analysis. Any other time system I have tried before was a lot more expensive and involved multiple pieces of equipment. Well done to the developers!

  • Thank you very much! If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email to support[at]photofinish-app. We will continue to improve the app and expand it’s functionalities!

This is superb for BMX sprint training. My son uses this many times every week as part of his training on the road. The software has no problems with detecting a rider on their bike and it makes timing so much easier. It took us a few goes to get the phones in the optimum position but since then we’ve had no problems. Using the flying start mode works well and removes the inaccuracy of timing with a stop watch.

  • Thank you! Indeed we tested Photo Finish for a variety of sports already and it works for cycling, hockey, soccer training, skiing and basically anything involving a human moving on the ground.

With the new updatez came new pricing. But it’s more expensive than it need to be. ₹100 was much better. Even a ₹150 is good enough. But ₹260? This isn’t Netflix subscription, is it?

  • Hello mister Singh, could you contact us at support[at] thank you

This app has given me the opportunity to time players and athletes as I’ve wanted to for a few years…but couldn’t afford to! I’ve wanted a system like Freelap, but could never justify the cost. I couldn’t believe an app could perform the same job. I’m delighted so far and plan to subscribe in full when the new season starts again. Excellent.

  • Thank you. That’s why we developed this app – we both are former athletes and could never afford a timing system when we were active.

Love this app. Easy way into accurate timing for training runs and works very well in my experience. As others have said it would be nice if you had option to use single phone with say Bluetooth speaker for fixed starts but I guess would be slightly less accurate in terms of the gun detection which uses the mic I believe.

It’s one of the great application for sprinters. Everything is good, they tell accurate time as well. Just one request from me to you guys please add Block start run for single session as well. I’m using pro version and I’m using block start session but when i have only one phone that time I’m unable to use block start session.

The app looks great! it would be awesome if there was a self start feature with some kind of delay if one is training individually however. The requirement of two phones makes individual training really difficult

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