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Pixelwoods Pixelwoods is a charming coloring game from Beresnev.

It features hundreds of signature Color By Number pictures, an old mansion in need of makeover and new design, cute pixel art, and a captivating story!

Ellie’s parents disappeared when she was very young. Now the aspiring artist returns home to solve the mystery of their disappearance, restore the old house, and learn about the special magic of Pixelwoods…

This cozy forest world and its funny characters will appeal both to fans of mysteries and puzzle games, and to those who appreciate homey comfort and good comedy humor. Talking animals, smart plants, a machine for interdimensional travels coexist here with home design talks, a love triangle and, of course, coloring by numbers!

We offer:

Easy and relaxing paint by numbers gameplay: making art here in Pixelwoods is easy and pleasant. Your inner artist will be happy to have a chance to express himself!
Unique pixel graphics and visual style: cozy, unusual, fascinating. Pixelwoods makes you want to come back time and time again to explore this little world.
A fascinating plot with elements of mysticism, detective and comedy: this art game knows how to tell a story!
Cozy atmosphere and touching characters: drawn in a cute chibi-style, they will soon become your friends. The logical Ellie, the naive and romantic Sean, the strange but lovable Luke-the-hermit… Come and meet them!
Dozens of coloring books for you to fill with hundreds of paintings: all hand-crafted by professional artists.
A variety of room and garden makeover options: to decorate one’s home has never been more pleasant! Choose from furniture, wallpaper, appliances, and even materials.

…and much more!

Help Ellie settle into her new place, make friends, recognize enemies, and find out WHAT really happened to her parents!

Welcome to Pixelwoods, a gorgeous 3 in 1: it’s a **makeover game**, a **painting game** and **puzzle game** at the same time!

Check it out!

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Pixelwoods user reviews :

I’m a sucker for pixels, decorating, coloring, and this game hits the mark. The pictures are adorable and fun. I don’t mind the microtransactions, however 40$ for a pack is…excessive to say the least. I don’t use the boosters, so there’s no reason why I would want to purchase them in a bundle with pics. It would be nice to get those sets with just the pictures. Another feature I would love to see is marking certain finished pics as favorites to revisit later.

So; I like the game. The coloring is relaxing, the graphics are cute, etc. BUT. Once you hit the end, where it stops until the next update, the game freezes your ability to earn stars. You can still color, earn coins, etc. but the stars for each picture are lost. You need A LOT of stars to finish tasks, and the ability to build up a stash would be nice, especially since I’m paying for a subscription. It’s a waste, particularly since you have to keep coloring so you don’t backslide in the ranks.

I really enjoyed my short time with the game, despite occasional loading hiccups, but as soon as the little corner ad showed up up top I knew it was over. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were static, but the text was constantly switching and it was just too disruptive for me. If that sort of thing doesn’t bother you, I recommend this game.

The game is fun, I like the painting aspect, but the fact that it costs 24+ stars per task starting day 2 and most of the paintings you get for the albums (that cost 2500 coins) and the free are only worth between 6-10 stars (sometimes you get 8+ but I haven’t often) it takes several paintings to be able to comeplete the task which is insane, and it is hard to get enough coins without spending money to get more paintings. This game could be one of the best, but there isn’t enough free content.

The storyline is nice. It starts out fun and manageable, but quickly gets very costly if you want to advance at a descent rate…24 stars for one task is TOO much, and the bundles are way too pricey for my wallet, so I’ll play a bit longer, until I’m too bored to wait around to see how the story pans out.

  • Hello. Thank you for your feedback. Currently, we’re running some balance tests to correlate the quests’ cost, album prices, and speed of gaining and coloring the pictures. This is why the amount of stars required is probably subject to change.

Very fun game, great graphics, not as much ads and not as disruptive as some other games. My only complaint is that the stars required to do tasks increase way too quickly for the early game. 12 stars halfway through day 2? Seriously? I wouldn’t complain as much if there were more paintings available that aren’t obtained from in-game transactions, but alas that’s not the case. I’m aware this game is still in midst of balancing the stars, so I’ll put this game on hold for now and come back later

Ellie is super cute, the cat is worryingly obese, lol. But I really like the art style and decor + colour by numbers connection, when I have time, I do the story, when I want to space out, I just colour – it’s perfect!

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