Plants Warfare – Protect the tranquility of your homespace

[Game] Plants Warfare

Plants WarfarePlants Warfare is a Q-style fun casual game that Match 3 puzzle, Tower Defense, and Roguelike gameplay.

One day, the peaceful life was disrupted by zombies attack.
It’s time to summon plants, set up your defense lineup, synthesize and upgrade plants to protect your homespace, and repel the zombie attack!

Game Features

Classic Synthesis Gameplay
The vertical interface allows for easy one-handed operation. The classic synthesis gameplay is simple yet entertaining, allowing you to enjoy a delightful gaming experience anytime!

Strategic Tower Defense Battles
Arrange and position your plants to resist the attacks from zombies. Make strategic use of different plant characteristics and skills to achieve victory!

Enjoyable Light Rogue Elements
Experience the game with Roguelike elements, where each round of repelling zombie waves or synthesizing coins presents various random rewards such as increased steps, plant upgrades, special abilities, ATK up, speed boosts, etc., offering both strategy and surprises!

Unlock Unique Plants Across Massive Maps
The game contains dozens of maps, each of which has unique plants such as Wall-nuts, Cherry Bomb, Ice-shroom, and Torchwood…… Defeat the zombie waves and unlock brand-new plants!

Build Powerful Lineups Freely
The game offers up to 40 different plants, each with additional attributes and multiple abilities, including freezing, burning, slowing, poisoning, penetrating, stunning, slaying, pushing back, attack power enhancement, attack speed enhancement, and many more. Freely combine and cultivate plants to build personalized lineups to counter zombie attacks!

In this game that intertwines synthesis, tower defense, and Roguelike elements, enjoy a casual gameplay experience while gradually developing a strong team of plants to protect the tranquility of your homespace!

Plants Warfare user reviews :

I’m enjoying it, though the levels seem to be repetitive even if the difficulty is raised a little each time. There’s some bug that’s making it so menus take multiple taps to open and some of the options don’t open at all (land, current event, bosses, battle). I can’t even play a level right now because of whatever is going on.

  • Hi, for some wrong in game, please contact us by cs center/discord, we need more info to check this issue.

This game is great. Ive always loved the plants vs zombie games. The major complaint of this app is the defective ads. Its really annoying when the ads dont work and you have to close the app and restart it. Sometimes you lose rewards because of it. If the ads worked fine i would give it a 5 star review.

  • Thanks for your feedback, please contact us by cs center/ discord, we need more info to check this issue. thank you so much

Awesome artwork and gameplay. Just that sometimes there connectivity issues at the end of the game where it shows results. Also sometimes the ads are defective. Doesn’t reward what you’re suppose to and the game freezes.

It is a fun and addictive game, but however even with full network WiFi / data. After finishing one stage always stucked at the scenario of lost network connection, where I still able to upgrade my stuff and watch Ads.

  • Hi, for this issue, please contact us by discord, we need more info to check this issue.

It’s a fun game except now it’s glitching. After I beat the boss my durability still gets taken also when you turn off sound that setting doesn’t kick in until after you’re in the game.

Overall experience is good but is it just me cuz the sound is not working anymore i can’t hear battle effects just music so hmm i hope this can be fixed

Its unique enough, I had an issue earlier, but they helped fix it… going from a 2 star to a 5 star… if you wish to play music from another app more than likely you will have to unrestricted battery usage for the music app

  • Hi, you can go to your music/podc asts settings to see if you have enabled the permission [Allow other apps to play at the same time]; if it still doesn’t work, please join our discord and send the screen recording of the situation to the admin. Let our technicians check it for you

Great game. I like that there’s a reward chest for watching ads, makes me feel like I get a bit more out of watching them. All around an interesting and entertaining match three game. I love the new artwork.

  • Hi, could you please contact us on discord? We need more info to fix this problem. We are very sorry for giving you a bad experience.

There still room for improvements but anywaus still a good game just be egenerous enough and this game will stay long

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