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Polarr Photo Editor From high precision color tools to advanced clarity and dehaze filters, Polarr brings professional photo editing tools to your mobile device! With nearly 1 Million downloads in its first two weeks on other mobile platforms, Polarr is the pro photo editor for everyone.

Note: The app is optimized for Android 4.4 or newer Operating Systems. If you are experiencing problems loading the application, please upgrade your operating system to the latest available.

Make high-level edits with this powerful and elegant tool for advanced photo enthusiasts. Learn new ways to process your photos, or find the tools you already know and love and use them on your mobile device.

This is the latest version of the popular Polarr Photo Editor for Android, itself a mobile version of Polarr Photo Editor, which is available free (no download required) online at v2.polarr.co

Sophisticated and high-quality editing tools -Business Insider

Just a perfectly executed app that takes photo editing on a smartphone to a whole new realm-Polarr user, professional photographer.

There are lots of nice effects you can choose from and also customization controls for these effects which we rarely see on apps-Chromestory

The level of detail and color editing you can do is insane-Polarr user, mobile photographer.

I have used many photo editing applications but this is by far the best, from basic tools such as sizing refinements, contrast and exposure to the more advanced details. Everything you could ask for in a photo editor-PPE user

Polarr Photo Editor Key features:
Create and save your own style presets.
Infinite Undo/Redo and History to return to any point in your editing history.
Radial and Graduated filters makes local adjustments easy.
HSL channels and Tone Curves help you perfect the colors in your image.
Split-tone with any colors you choose.
Exposure, Contrast, Highlights and Shadows, Temperature, Distortions, Vignette, Dehaze, Denoise, etc. All the basic editing features are available, as well as new tools such as chromatic shift.
Diverse preset collection for any occasion.
Intuitive touch pad replaces the hassle of opening panels.
If you choose, you can also make adjustments by tilting your device.

Available for free on desktop at www.polarr.co.

Contact info[at]polarr.co for questions or more information.

Polarr Photo Editor user review :

Okay so writing this review while I’m about to uninstall the app. I had been using polarr since 2020. One of the best filter applying apps it was. Don’t know what happened last year an update came and everything changed. All the filters I had imported and saved over the years, everything got locked. Can’t use anything without paying now. Ridiculous right? Hence it’s time to leave the app now. Thank you polarr for being of great help once upon a time!

I have been annoyed with the same issue for more than 2 years and the problem has never been fixed. I used to be a paying user of the Polarr app beginning in 2020-2022. I stopped paying when I could no longer achieve a clean border around my photos without the app adding a random pattern of thin black lines, dots or dashes in between a photo and the border. Every time you try to add a border on Android, it NEVER comes out clean. Fix this issue finally & I will consider paying once again!

The app is slowly dying. I paid for a reasonable subscription and it still has many limitations, the most complete plan has a price that is not worth it because there are more complete apps at better prices. Was a great app years ago, but the people Is leaving the app because the subscriptions plans are ridiculus. Even though they pay for positive ratings from ghost accounts, the end of the app has been sealed since they implemented this system. I’m sorry, but I’m out Polarr. Bye bye!

I think this application is the best, but we can only save a limit of 3 filters. Ask the good service of polarr to upgrade so that we can save in 10 filters. Hehe. Thank you

Great features, perfect for when I wanna post nice edited pics to my Facebook or travel blog. Also love the design.

Great Customer Service I hit a but of a hiccup when downloading this app. However, the great customer service left me happy in the end. Looking forward to their new update.

Great app, love it!

Last Update  :

Brand new discovery page, significantly enhancing your filter browsing efficiency.
Optimized animations for the interactive tutorial.
Added learning status indicators for the interactive tutorial.
Fixed several known issues.

Contact developer :


Video :

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