Poly Star – A healing story of beauty and mystery

[Game] Poly Star – Prince story

Poly Star  The beautiful cosmic journey of Poly Star!

A healing story of beauty and mystery!
Collect beautiful animals and buildings in the story!

A great game for brain training.
Simple and easy 3D poly-art.
Match the 3D poly-puzzles to listen to the tales of the night stars.

◎ The Tale of Poly Star
One night, after crash-landing on a vast desert.
A young boy you meet in the desert begins his tale of his travels.
Listen to the tales of the various stars in the beautiful night sky.

You can enjoy beautiful 3D poly-puzzle games with easy controls.
The gameplay is simple and easy to learn.

Rotate the beautiful 3D puzzles to match the fragments and get the image!
Complete them all to get a beautiful art book.

Do you remember the tale of the Little Prince?
Complete the puzzles to listen to the Little Prince’s tale of his travels.

Listen to the stories of the people in ‘Poly Star’ and complete their planets.
Match the 3D puzzles and listen to their stories to complete your own planet.

A magical game that helps you forget the stressful days while you complete the beautiful images while listening to soothing music.
Travel the planets and listen to their tales.

Beautiful Poly-Puzzle !
Healing Game!
The Little Prince’s Story!
Decorate the Planets!

Important Note
1. Data will be reset when you replace your mobile phone device or delete this app.
2. This app contains free-to-play premium item transactions.
Please note that purchasing the premium items will result in actual payment.
3. Deleting the game or replacing the device will delete all data, which cannot be restored.

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Languages: Korean, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese(Traditional & Simplified), Turkish, Hindi and Japanese

App Permissions Notice:
We require below permissions for gameplay
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission for the game data storage
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission to import your saved game data
These permissions are solely for analyzing installs and gameplays.
If you selectively allow permissions, you will still be able to access features that don’t require the permissions.
If you are using Android version lower than version 6.0, you can not set selective access separately, we recommend that you upgrade to 6.0 or later.

How to withdraw access?
After agreeing the access rights, you can reset or revoke access rights as follows:

OS 6.0 or later
Settings> Apps & notifications > Select your app> Permissions > Withdraw the access

before OS 6.0
Upgrade your operating system and follow the above steps or delete the app

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Poly Star user reviews :

Collect beautiful animals and buildings in the story

Update: the vibration is gone and there is an option for it, now (though it doesn’t seem to do anything, I’m okay with it).* The latest update introduces a short vibration on every completed picture that you can’t turn off! This is a game breaker because you can’t use it anywhere that’s supposed to be silent. The fact that the devs decide to put that in without an option is almost as disconcerting as getting an ad forced on you right after you chose not to watch an at at that moment.

It was mostly enjoyable. I reached the end of the second world, however, and I couldn’t do the next puzzle without watching an ad. I had done all the previous puzzles for the maximum rewards, but was 5 coins short. I’m not a fan of necessary ads. One should be able to play a game without NEEDING to watch ads. Other than that, this is a challenging, yet fun puzzle game!

Latest Update :

Some bug fixed

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Video :

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