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[Game] Pool Billiard Championship

Pool Billiard Championship It is a game where you hit the target ball between 1 and 15 using a white ball and put it in
The 1st to 7th is the color ball, and the 9th to 15th is the striped ball. If you put all the target ball in your pocket and put the 8th ball in the end, you win.

How to play

Rotating the cue stick clockwise or counterclockwise by dragging it around the white ball.
Pressing the billiard table may change the cue direction to the pressed position.
The right scroll lever on the screen can be operated to fine-tune the rotation of the cue.
Pressing the ball-shaped button on the top of the UI to rotate the white ball.

Special feature
You can enjoy multi-play billiard matches with users around the world.
You can challenge various stages with different stage setting.
You can overcome the crisis by using 2 items in stage mode.
You can play practice games with A.I player in practice mode.
You can change the different shapes of cue sticks or increase the ability of the them.
Provided a two-person mode on one device.
Supported achievements and the leaderboard.
Supported 16 languages.

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Pool Billiard Championship user reviews :

Game is better than most…the timer is irratating short with no countdown display warning, when half the delay is caused by the game resetting as you are aiming your shot. When you play eight ball in the real w orld a scratch when shooting the eight ball is loss. This game and others allow you place the que ball willy nilly wherever you feel like. It should be any place you want behind the start line the same as on the break. The timmer issue takes out Thax for doing a better job than most…

Hello admin guys, good day!.. just few suggestions to make this app more competive and realistic to play. Its good if the balls and the table are proportionate. So, its better if the ball is more bigger. And it’s good enough if the speed of the ball will be changed into a slower motion and in a short distance respectively while they’re travelling. And lastly, pls adjust the accurate direction of the ball when it will hit cut at any angle.

It’s fun probably more realistic than the others that I’ve played except not enough power at full force, seriously you need we need to be able to hit the cue ball harder. I play at least 2-5 hours a day I shoot pretty good . 2 weeks ago I decided to go for 8 ball breaks I made 13 of course I could only count 5 because of scratching lol. I hit it with a lot of force which this lacks other than that it’s the best I have played.

Verry disappointed!!!! The other online player scored the black ball and then it still said i lost, also when its my turn to play and the timer goes off it gives the other player a turn automatically but when the player runs out of time it does not give me a chance to play,this was a waste of data!!!!

Ok, but better 8ball pool games out there. Balls roll too long. No chat. Outdated UI. Starting a multiplayer match is quite slow. Moving/rotating the cue is annoyingly slow…

This is a very poorly developed game. There are lot of bugs like even after opponents time runs out the shots will be played automatically.

I just started playing this poticular game . i do like it in fact.there is a challenge tothis game that i like because challenges is one thing that attracts me to the games that i play on and offline line.

My experience was good It would be better if when I took an easy shot , that the Q ball didn’t roll so far!

This is really great game is pool billiard championship is the greatest game tomorrow I will delete that game and play air hockey challenge game it’s mobrix games

Good game. The only promblem, ball after hit takes a little time to stop.

This is very simple and easy game I will play first time but I like this game so nice and entertainment I like also the first but I am one request from you this very slowly I want so fast game . Any waye I like this game I am so requests my all friends and family members can download this game I want my all best and sweet friends and family members enjoy this game pool Billiard championship I am sher this game my face book , Instagram, , YouTube , tiktok and WhatsApp account I want anyone down

Controls need more work and what use is the time out clock

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