Poundaweek – Let the AI do the thinking so you can focus on the eating

[App] Poundaweek – Diet Coach and Calorie Counter

PoundaweekPoundaweek : 3 SIMPLE STEPS

1. Eat less than the calorie limit.
2. Weigh in after 7 days.
3. Get a new calorie limit.


This smart calorie counter uses Artificial Intelligence to continually analyze your food, exercise habits and weight changes – every week, to provide you with up-to-date nutrition targets and a calorie limit that keeps you on track to lose a pound a week.

Let the AI do the thinking so you can focus on the eating.

Weight loss, gain and maintain modes.
Smart Size – Pick a food, know how much to eat.
Meal Snap – Take a picture, get back the foods.
Food Barcode scanning.
World’s largest verified food database.
Under 6 MB in size, save space.
No sign up required.


OTHER CALORIE COUNTERS – Set your diet targets once based on a generic formula.
POUNDAWEEK – Uses Artificial Intelligence to continually update your diet targets, never plateau.

Other Calorie Counters – Require you to search for every food item in your meal one by one.
Poundaweek – Offers Meal Snap, take a picture of your meal and get back all of the foods in it at once.

OTHER CALORIE COUNTERS – Make inaccurate estimates for calories burned from exercise.
POUNDAWEEK – Makes realistic calorie adjustments by looking at the whole picture – combining your exercise, food and weight data.

OTHER CALORIE COUNTERS – Don’t provide any coaching. If you get stuck you are on your own.
POUNDAWEEK – Learns from you and provides personalized weekly reports.

OTHER CALORIE COUNTERS – Require logging in and cannot be used anonymously.
POUNDAWEEK – No sign up required. Dine in private.


With weekly diet targets rather than daily restrictions, this smart food tracker never lets one bad day stop you from reaching your goal. Get one step closer, every week.


A pound a week is the OPTIMAL rate on a weight loss diet since it keeps your metabolism going and helps maintain all of that hard earned muscle!

For weight gain, it minimizes the amount of fat you put on while you continue to build muscle.


You only have to weigh in once, at the end of the week. Don’t worry we’ll remind you.

Poundaweek works in both pounds (lbs) and kilograms (kg).


Get credit for the steps you take and the sports you play, your hard work won’t go unnoticed.

Poundaweek has fitness tracker and Google Fit support so it will adjust your nutrition and diet targets AUTOMATICALLY to ensure you stay on schedule to reach your weight goal.


See your stats and beat your personal bests.

Earn achievements for all of your hard work.

Opt-in to social leaderboards and compete with friends.

Free. Anonymous. No sign up required. Dine in private.

Poundaweek user reviews :

Really good app. Keeping track of my food and my workouts and I’ve lost over 2 pounds in a week. Super helpful

Amazing app. Very easy to use. Great motivational quotes to keep you inspired. Have lost weight every week so far.

So far seems like a decent app. Food entry is easy enough. Suppose track my workout via Google Fit and adjust accordingly. Every active gym goer so will See that goes. What’s missing is a widget for home screen.

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