Primrose Lake 3 – Takes you down the twisty lane of mysteries

[Game] Welcome to Primrose Lake 3

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This premium version of the classic Time Management game takes you down the twisty lane of mysteries, murders, and romances.

All roads lead to the mysterious Primrose Lake! Experience the picturesque town for a third time and find out what it has to say. Will Rebecca find the hidden treasure? Will Jenny follow her heart? Who is lurking in the shadows and what are their plans?
Despite its sleepy, misty atmosphere, the town starts to attract newcomers. How will their arrival influence the town? Will Peggy have to dust off her sheriff’s badge and introduce law and order? Primrose has suffered misfortunes recently, but are they caused by some mysterious culprit, family feuds or something else altogether?

What will Jenny do and who will she choose? Will Jessica discover the secret her family has kept for so long?
There is something odd, fascinating, and compelling about Primrose Lake – a place where everyone has a secret.

Welcome to Primrose Lake!


More than a cooking game, bring your time management skills to a variety of unique locations!
Get caught up in the mystery! Follow a rich story set in a quirky town with a strange and wonderful cast of characters
New and improved minigames to satisfy your puzzle-driven desires!
Seventy challenge levels to test your skills
Lose yourself in the beautiful scenery and experience a captivating soundtrack.
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Welcome to Primrose Lake 3 user reviews :

This game is dull. In “difficult” mode, when you’re playing really well, getting combos, hearts, bonuses, you still get only 1 star at the end of the levels. In the Delicious Emily games, the difficult mode was truly difficult, & yet if you got the timing right you could get 3 stars. It was challenging, fast, & doable. This game is boring & slow, even in difficult mode. The jail location drags on forever & is so dull. I purchased PL3 & regret it. It’s nowhere near the quality of Emily.

  • Thank you for your review. Are you having trouble with the game? Send us a message from within the game or send an email to ghos[at] and we can help you resolve it.

The whole series is good but it’s glitchy. It wouldn’t let me deliver goods to someone and I had to restart. Sometimes the UI gets in the way of playing the game. For example…in the jail you have to interrogate multiple people as that levels special challenge. The challenge marker (top right corner) is over the character so you can’t see when it triggers. Or sometimes the customers talk bubbles overlap each other so you can only see part of the order so you can’t get the full order bonus.

  • Thank you for your feedback! We’ll take it into consideration when making improvements to the game.

I love the gatehogames but, on Primrose Lake I can’t get the colors in order on the puzzle after level 14 so I can go to the next level. I’m loving your games and keep up the good work! Can someone please help me solve the order of the color puzzle please!

  • Send us a message from within the game as soon as you can and we’ll get this sorted. In the main menu, tap on the ‘support’ button, this will bring up the FAQs. On the top right tap on the ‘contact us’ button to send us a message.

I can’t wait to see what happens next, it’s like curling up with a good book. Love the new areas to play (jailhouse). Games like this make the subscription worth it. Thanks for the effort you are putting into the stroyline. Great job, now get back to work. Lol

  • Thank you for your feedback! We’ll take it into consideration when making improvements to the game.

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