Prize Claw 2 – Grab a bundle of prizes with a single grab

[Game] Prize Claw 2

Prize Claw 2PRIZE CLAW 2 is the most exciting prize-grabbing arcade game ever!

Features Include:

Awesome powers and effects, including lightning, explosions, and tornadoes!
Thousands of unique Claws with special abilities!
Tons of adorable, charming prizes waiting for you to collect them all!
A huge world to explore filled with unique and exciting Prize Claw machines!
Beautiful HD Graphics!
Limitless missions for you to complete!
Fine-tuned physics for a classic arcade experience!
Spin the Prize Wheel for a chance at winning bonuses, prizes, and the JACKPOT!
Mystery capsules containing bonuses, boosts, and more!
Magnetize your claw and grab a bundle of prizes with a single grab!
Discover rare prizes such as dragons and unicorns!
Much more to come!

From the makers of the Coin Dozer franchise. Don’t forget to check our newest game, Coin Dozer: Pirates!

So what are you waiting for?
Download Prize Claw 2 for free and start grabbing!

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Prize Claw 2 user reviews :

I enjoy this game to pass the time, but I cant even check the my claws without an ad popping up. Wanna go to a different machine. AD. Wanna check prizes. AD. Its beyond ridiculous. I’ve stopped playing for WEEKS because I’ve gotten so annoyed with ads every 5 minutes. I would happily give more stars if the ads were toned down.

Fun way to pass the time-and much better than the real thing! Great graphics and gameplay. Great game for kids of all ages, including my almost 60 self, lol. You can purchase coins, or wait for your daily bonus and every few hours, I think you can get more. You can play other games to get coins, and watch ads, which I watched many of. I dont mind them, but I know its not for everyone, so, if you spend, I think it was $1.99+, your ads will be gone forever!! Not bad for a fun game.

I have been playing this game on and off since 2010. The only way to enjoy the game without constant ads is to turn on airplane mode immediately after collecting the coin bonus. Other than that it is a decent repetive little game. This game has not changed or been updated since 2010. No events no new updates or bug glitches just a basic game with tons of ads

Waaaay too many ads, you can’t do ANYTHING in the game without being forced to watch a video. Want to check your inventory? Video. Look at different claws? Video. Buy a boost? Video. Go back to the machine to actually play? Video. I get that ads are the main source of revenue for games like this but this is beyond ridiculous. It’s a shame, because it would be a decent game if it was actually playable, but alas, the huge amount of ads ruins it completely.

It’s a great concept but the sheer volume of ads is maddening. I was really hoping it would be like their coin dozer game where there’s ads where you want bonus stuff, but no, it’s way worse. Play like 5 minutes, obtrusive ad. Go to the boost store and leave? Boom another ad. It’s very obnoxious. Please either give me a way to buy out ads or get rid of them please!

A good representation of an arcade machine albeit much easier and obviously no actual prizes. This is fun and unlike the first prize claw has cloud save so you shouldn’t lose your progress if you switch devices and need to download again. What is infuriating is the amount of ads bombarding you. If I choose to watch an add for a bonus why throw another add at me after I watch it and making me have to watch an add to exit the game is just repulsive.

I played this a while back and loved it but now it’s not as fun. About every 20 seconds is an ad, some of them are very hard to close. Then it doesn’t give you as many coins as before so you don’t play long before your out of coins. I know it has to have ads but not that many!

So yes this game is one of my favorite when I was just a kid(6) and it’s super fun super cute and all. Anyways I don’t really like this when an ad just pop up randomly like? Bruh it annoys me so much. so yes that’s all overall this app is good

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