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Project EntropyWelcome, commander, to Project Entropy- an ultimate Sci-Fi and role-playing mobile game with battles in space.

In this immersive MMO experience, you will command alien civilizations, conquer uncharted planets, and build Hero fleets.

Customize your heroes with unique features and equipment, creating a force to be reckoned with. Engage in intense PvP battles against other players or take on challenging PvE encounters. Explore the vast map, conquer territories, and rise to become a legend in this epic interstellar adventure. Join a vibrant global community and experience the thrill of mech warfare. Are you ready to lead?

Interactions with diverse alien civilizations have accelerated human technological prowess, giving rise to an arsenal of weaponry designed for extraterrestrial combat. You have been invited to partake in the Interstellar Trial, the most prestigious contest in the universe, where brave warriors vie for dominion over uncharted planets.

Each planet pulses with life—alien beasts, otherworldly ecosystems, ancient ruins, and peculiar creatures. Every corner of the cosmos brims with wonder, danger, and opportunity. The drama of interstellar warfare unfolds among various races and civilizations, awaiting your command.


ASSEMBLE YOUR CREW: As an Interstellar Trial Commander, you’ll encounter and recruit incredible species from across the universe, harnessing their unique technologies to fortify your forces. Carve your own path through the stars.

JOIN A FLEET COMMAND: You have the freedom to create a team that perfectly suits your playstyle and strategy, and upgrade them with powerful weapons to build the best fleet command to increase attack and defense. Customize your vehicles and weapons.

CUSTOMIZE EPIC HEROES: Uncover the stories of war heroes as your epic journey unfolds. Recruit heroes to your team for a united front and upgrade their skills.

DEEP AND DYNAMIC COMBAT: Prepare for the Grod! These alien beasts have been roused. As an Interstellar Trial Commander, you’ll need to harness advanced technology and cunning strategies to quell the threat.

VERSATILE WARFARE: Command powerful tanks and aircraft, each with their own unique tactical advantages. Whether you’re facing Grod swarms or enemy forces, your strategic choices will define your legacy.

ADVANCED ARMAMENTS: Choose from a vast array of high-tech weaponry, including patrolling tanks and combat mechs. Shape your armory to suit your gameplay style.

REAL-TIME BATTLE STRATEGY: Engage in real-time multiplayer combat. Battle against other alliances on the region map for control of territories and resources, and encounter a wide variety of environments, creatures, and technologies throughout the game.

ALLIANCE WARFARE SYSTEM: In times of crisis, allies are invaluable. Join an alliance and fight for the glory of your comrades-in-arms.

GLOBAL INTERACTION: Converse with players from around the world, breaking down language barriers with our powerful real-time translation system.

In Project Entropy, you can command your troops and recruit the best crew of heroes in this sci-fi and RPG legends game. Navigate through the galaxy by engaging in epic space battles, discovering new civilizations, and completing challenging missions. Join the fleet; the cosmos is calling. A myriad of planets await your conquest. Seize your opportunity to become a legend among the stars.

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Project Entropy user reviews :

Just another build your city and conquer other cities stuff game. Nothing new or unique in the game. You lvl up but nothing new beyond a certain point. Doesn’t tell you how to match heroes and vehicles to together or even how to match weapons to vehicles the right way. No info on the right formations. You could spend weeks just trying to figure stuff out. Takes way to long to level up stuff and and getting stuff to do it. Getting rid of game. Seriously disappointed.

Ads are great but it’s just another game like Rise of Kingdoms. It’s a relatively new game so they are still working out the problems. Right now im bummed I spent money because the way the game is structured if your alliance loses you lose all purpose to continue playing the game. They destroy everything and you can’t rebuild. They have seasons but I can’t wait.

Game plays well, looks good and can keep you busy. I would like tooltips or something that explain what each facility does. There are a lot of different in app purchases and this will keep most people from sticking with the game. Will also be almost impossible to advance characters and keep up as far as fusion goes. Other than that has been a smooth experience.

Graphics are good, and the storyline is okay, but I agree with another reviewer. It’s boring. There’s no challenge. Everything is either done for you or common sense. I feel like they try to hide this by adding truly unnecessary tasks, like upgrading simple things or “gathering” supplies. When will a developer finally build something like Command and Conquer or Starcraft? Even if it’s turn based like Civilization. It has a 4.8 rating so apparently people like it but I just could not get into it.

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