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[Game] Pucca Puzzle Adventure

Pucca Puzzle AdventurePuzzle RPG Adventure with Lovely Pucca!

3 years ago, the cosmic villain Dong King led his army to the Earth.
Dong King began to distribute low-quality food that can control the people’s minds.
People who consumed Dong King’s food soon became mindless minions of Dong King.
Dong King’s army reached Suga Island, Pucca’s home.
With the help of chefs of Giant Dragon Express, Pucca and her friends drive Dong King’s army away from the Earth.

Dong King who barely survived after the defeat, coincidentally acquired particle stones and particle elements.
With it, he was once again able to control the minds and clone lifeforms…
With the dark force of particles, Dong King came back to the Earth and kidnaps Pucca’s friends.
Pucca is now about to set her foot into an adventure to save the Earth and her friends.
Will you join her journey?
It’s not your regular puzzle game! Pucca Puzzle Adventure!

Adventure Mode with Pucca!
Travel across dimensions to stop Dong King’s evil plans!
Pucca Puzzle Adventure’s core main mode!
Enjoy Puzzle RPG gaming with Pucca and her friends!

Match and Solve Puzzle Quest!
Pucca Puzzle Adventure’s favorite side mode!
Over 100 stages of classic match 3 puzzle stages!
Help the captain of the flying pirate ship solve puzzles with various gimmicks!

Challenge Mode with Tons of Fun!
Raid against vicious bosses and participate in ranking competition in Breakthrough Mode!
Take on a challenge to see where your limits are in Challenge Mode!

Develop and Decorate Villages!
Collect Village Coins to develop your village and earn rewards!
Clear Adventure Mode to unlock more villages!

Cute and Lovely Characters!
From lovely Pucca and Garu to vicious villain Dong King and his minions…
Play the game to meet your favorite Pucca characters!
Enhance characters and form your perfect team with perfect balance between elements!

This game offers in-app purchase game items.

Terms and conditions related to the use of this game can be found in the game or in the Takeone Mobile Game Service Terms and Conditions

Contact Information:
(5th, 6th, 7th, 9th floor, 327 Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea)

Pucca Puzzle Adventure user reviews :

I do like the game very much, but it lags very badly after a while, there’s nothing wrong with my wifi or anything, so can you please fix that? Or make it so I can lower the quality, oh and forgot to say it also crashes too and when it lags very badly. I really like the game and I don’t wanna have to uninstall because of a lag problem.

  • We apologize if you are experiencing game crashes. Please reinstall the game from Google Play Store and see if it will resolve your issue. Also, kindly keep track of any background running applications that may use your device’s memory usage. If you are still experiencing the same issue, you may reach out to our Discord:  shortest.link/fkmr

Amazing game so far! It’s like a combination of candy crush and cookie run kingdom. I loved watching Pucca and this definitely brought back wonderful memories. One issue, there’s an error everytime I try to connect my email. I know it doesn’t effect gameplay but it would be lovely if I could do it.

  • Thank you for your review, Yukkiya. We are happy to hear that you are enjoying the game! As for email related issue, for us to be able to further investigate this issue, kindly contact us through Customer Support in the game settings > Information > Support so that we can help you with it.

Stunning game. Although the puzzle theme is saturated and a cheap way to make a game just by cashing on the characters, this one is special. Gorgeous graphics, easy gacha, nice events, plenty free rewards and enough game mechanics to not get bored. You can see the work and love poured into this. My only request and complaint is: optimization settings??? My phone is old. The game crashes and closes every 10 minutes. Turning off embellishment stuff like animations would spare my dinosaur phone.

  • Thank you for the review and rest assured that your feedback is noted on our end. We are sorry to hear that you encountered issues. You could try to clear the cache, restart the device and ensure that enough memory is available. We hope one of these works for you. If not, please contact us through the in-game settings > Information > Support.

Love the game. It has great graphics and sound. Puzzles are easy at first but get progressively easier. Prizes for beating the levels are great too.

  • Thank you for the positive feedback, Nikki! We wish you continue enjoying the game. If you have inquiries and other concerns about Pucca Puzzle Adventure, kindly let us know.

This is SO CUTE and I love it so much. It’s been fun to play and I’ve been spending a lot of free time playing this. I grew up with Pucca being my special interest as a kid, so this brought back a lot of memories and if 13 year old me could see this now they’d be SO HAPPY lol.

  • Hello Jelly Rock. Thank you for the 5-Star rating! Please let us know if you have any suggestions or concerns regarding the game features so we can improve it. If you have other concerns you may contact us through the in-game settings > Information > Support or visit our Discord page at  shortest.link/fkmr. Thank you!

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