Pure Sniper – Missions deep inside enemy territory

[Game] Pure Sniper – City Gun Shooting

Pure Sniper  Pure Sniper is an exciting and realistic sniper shooting game with a massive campaign mode that can be played offline and a realtime multiplayer PvP combat mode.

Arm yourself with various powerful sniper rifles, machine guns, shotguns, and pistols to complete modern combat missions deep inside enemy territory.

Playing the ultimate FPS sniper game is more exciting than you can imagine. You have to prove yourself against your enemies in this combat mission sniping game, but be careful because they will not just sit back and let a sharp sniper shooter take them down!

FPS Sniper Shooting Game Modes:

Sniper Main Campaign: In this mode, you will be able to eliminate targets in many cities around the world. Complete these sniping missions and explore new virtual reality space with interactive sights!

Fight & be #1: Kill your enemies in this free gun simulator and assassin game to become the #1 sniper around the world.

Sniper Squad Battles: Make your own FPS sniping gang or join your friend’s killing squad to defeat other teams.

Daily & Weekly Challenges: Plenty of weekly and monthly events to earn various deadly weapons, modern guns, battle arsenals, assault rifles, and much more to increase your power.

Special Events (coming soon): For example, you will have to show your sniper shooter skills whether you are single or in a shooter’s gang. Save the city and earn bullets, grenades, shooter pistols, sniper guns, and killing assault rifles.

Gun Range Competition: Take this challenge if you have gun shooting skills to kill your target from any range.

Pure Sniper Game Features:

This FPS Gun Simulator game has a thrilling 3D design and sound. The graphics are breathtaking, with slow-motion shots that will leave your heart racing!
Many fun & exciting sniping guns, pistols, bullets, and grenades.
The battle simulator game is totally free to play. Available in offline solo and online multiplayer modes. You can join the battle and start playing the free game even when you are offline
Play in multiple battlegrounds
Simple & smooth gun shooting control
Interactive & action-packed environment
Connect with the FPS snipers around the world to beat other teams.
Different enemy types. Each type has their own strengths and combat objectives, which you need to take into account when facing them on the battlefield!

This free sniper shooter game includes five challenging modes, over 100 missions, several secondary missions, and many special events celebrated regularly.

Make your way through the world and collect all of those great guns from each location. As a combat shooter, you’ll need them for a special mission that only these weapons can accomplish!
In order to get the job done, you’ll need a high-power sniper pistol. Upgrade it for improved accuracy and range!

Step into the ultimate 3D FPS action adventure! One of many games in the free sniper shooting games genre, which offers an immersive, competitive experience for endless hours with your friends. With versatile controls and unlimited missions to play on top of cool graphics-based visuals that make it fun no matter where you are!

Pure Sniper user reviews :

Good game. Good graphics, decent physics, not too repetitive in the main missions, and only a few bugs encountered. Overall, one of the better “Sniper” game out there. Awaiting Zone 6 to see if they keep the quality up.

Would’ve given 5 stars if your upgrades weren’t so expensive later on in the game. Or if you didn’t have to pay real money for a decent rifle and upgrades didn’ttake so long to get delivered. Other than that, great graphics, good game play.

At one point, if you want to continur to play, you have no choice but to spend money. Thats when i delete the game.

I’ve only just started the game so a full review isn’t possible but so far the UI is responsive & money for upgrading is easy to come by. I’m sure the premium guns will be needed in later zones but I’ll update when I get there.

This game is good. I’ve played Other similar games and this is definitely up there with the best. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SPEND MONEY. I highly recommend this game. If you think you need to spend money than you need to get better. Use the areas where you can build your money up to buy things. I have 1 million dollars it doesn’t take long.

Excellent game, can advance and complete it without spending a cent. As you progress you need to start allowing for wind and range with your sniper shots which is easy as the scope reticle has all the markings on it. A good balance of gameplay and difficulty, 5 stars from me.

Great sniper game. The guy that seems to be providing the missions and tutorials of the game has a striking resemblance to Kurt Russell.

Latest Update :

New Campaign Zone 18 – Manhattan
40 New Campaign Missions
7 X New Weapons
New Manhunt & Contract Missions

Contact developer :


Video :

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