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PushBulletPushBullet makes it easy to push files, links, notes, lists, reminders, addresses, and more to your Android phones and tablets.

Ever notice that it’s easy for other people to get things on your phone (by email, text message, etc), but if you want to get something on your own phone, it can be a real pain? PushBullet solves this problem by making it easy to push to your devices, making them even more useful!
Here’s a couple examples of how to use PushBullet:

Want a file from you computer on your phone? Push it instead of hooking your phone up to your computer.

Going grocery shopping? Push the grocery list to your phone instead of writing it on a piece of paper.

Need to remember something important? Push it to your phone and it will be there when you need it.
PushBullet is a brand new service with more functionality coming soon. Feedback is very welcome and please let me know if you have any issues!

PushBullet user reviews :

Could use some additional features, but very useful. Persistent ‘bullets’ would be useful, as would the ability to sent the same push to more than one device. I’ll think of more as I go…. thanks. Keep up the grand work.

Offers better functionality such as notes, lists, and file transfers aside from basic link pushing that Chrome to Phone has done. It also supports multiple devices, so everything pushed is specified to a device of your choosing. It also now has a Google Chrome extension, making ease of use even easier. If I could give one critique, it would be that the Chrome extension should allow files to be pushed within the dialogue box, not redirected to the Pushbullet website – but this is a minor inconvenience and I don’t plan on using file push frequently, anyway.

Last Update January 20, 2016 :

 Updated translations
Video :

Source : Download PushBullet from Play Store

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