Puzzle Block Jewels – Different shapes are waiting for you

[Game] Puzzle Block Jewels

Puzzle Block Jewels  Puzzle Block Jewels is simple yet addictive classic jewels game.

The block sin different shapes are waiting for you! Your task is to create horizontal lines with the given blocks, when you make a line, it is cleared from the screen. The more you cleared, the higher score you will obtain. If there is no room for the given block in the screen, the game is over. You had to think twice before you putting these blocks. Choose the best position for each block depending on their shapes. It is really a casual puzzle game for your free time. You can’t stop playing it once you start the game!

Puzzle Block Jewels is an exciting free time activity that will catch your eyes with unbelievable beauty and unexpected new things appearing. From now on, let’s enjoy a simple and addictive puzzle game! Once you start, you will be hooked.

Puzzle Jewel Block Classic Features:

Casual puzzle game
Various blocks and colorful graphics
Smooth and delicate animation
Simple and attractive
Get higher score
Easy to play but hard to master
Amazing graphics and sound effects
Completely free
Good for relaxing and brainstorming

Put the block in the appropriate position
Try not to leave blanks
Big blocks are below
Complete multiple lines at once

How to play:
Drag the blocks to move them
Try to fit them all in the row or column. Then the block will be clear and you get the point. Game will be over if there are no room for any the shapes below the grid
Blocks can’t be rotated

Puzzle Block Jewels user reviews :

I enjoy the puzzle except when I pass my score and the app doesn’t save it even when connected to the internet. I like keeping my brain working. Maybe I can avoid or even put off getting dementia.

I like the game, but everytime I beat my high score, the app doesn’t remember it, and the next time I play, it goes back to my old high score. So frustrating! I’m thinking of deleting the app because of it!

there is a bug many times after an ad, you loose your points and have to start over. bummer.

Great game!!Very challenging when your trying to figure out were the blocks go , but I think the best rate is ………….5/5!!!!

It’s fun but I’m annoyed, my updated score is not update! I beat my previous scores and still..my new updated score not appear. Hello? Can anyone do something?

Very interesting once you draft playing, it’s hard to stop

The game freezes too soon with out warning, and has to start all over again. This is what I don’t like.

Good to keep your mind off life for a while and is a enjoyable game i like it x

I just downloaded this game and tried twice to open it and play, both times it crashed on me.

Its not for the feinthearted..but if you luv a challenge , you’ll luv this game !! Im hooked ….. a good game to play when you refuse to stop till u win!!!!

Absolutely brilliant, colourful challenging and rewarding, it’s a pleasure to play this game

As you reach the higher levels it becomes more difficult and does require more thinking

It kills a lot of time and it takes my mine off things but the only thing i dont like is all the ads

Very, very good game. Love to play it for hours. Very easy & relaxing. Really good game.

Really fun, I hadn’t downloaded a game in a while and this brought the joy of video games back to me

Really good game, just too many ads and sometimes I lose my high score!

Nice game. Different strategy than most of this type of game. Nice graphics.

I like this game ,make a newer version and it should be like Tetris blitz because on Tetris blitz you will be unlocking power ups so let it be like Tetris blitz

Good game except it doesn’t retain your new score when you beat your old one.

It’s really fun! The blocks are so pretty the game is really addicting!

Helps me kill time, especially when I’m upset or bored.my significant other plays it daily

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