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[Game] Puzzle Cats


Train your brain and solve puzzles with cute cats in Puzzle Cats, the brand new block puzzle game from MobilityWare!

Drag and drop cats onto the puzzle board and try to make them all fit! The unique puzzle shapes and ever-evolving challenge will train your brain to think in a whole new way. With every puzzle you solve, the challenge will grow. Can you fit all the cats?

Collect cute new cats as you beat each puzzle challenge to customize your game!


Cute cats, fat cats, angry cats, oh my! Play with an adorable selection of cute kitties
Can you make all of the cats fit? Try to fill the puzzle, but don’t make them angry!

Challenge yourself with fun block puzzles, now with cute cats instead of block pieces!
Make each block fit together in the puzzle board to pass the level!

Solve puzzles to level up
Collect new cats as your level grows higher!
Collect cute costumes for your feline friends and play dress up with the cats!

Challenge and improve your spatial reasoning skills with this unique shape based puzzle game
Puzzles get tougher as you win and the challenge dynamically increases!

Cats or blocks? You choose! Return to the classic block puzzle look with our colorful block skins
Customize your blocks and collect new looks as you beat puzzles

Train your brain, collect cute cats and challenge yourself with over 20,000 unique puzzles!

The game is ad-supported, but only between games. We don’t put ads on your playfield.

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Puzzle Cats user reviews :

It’s incredibly cute, I played the first ten levels with the biggest grin. But it’s pretty easy, and the difficulty does not increase. There is the possibility to turn off the sound for the correct place, and to make it more difficult, but even that is a matter of getting used to it and then you will go through each level in under a minute. Cute but only if you hate challenges.

I love how there’s only ads after a puzzle, enough for the company to make money and enough for the players to play. and another thing, there’s really no paying for stuff like turns. Definitely a game I personally recommend

Whimsical and cute, the puzzle gameplay is approachable, fun and addictive. Always could wish for more cats and variety of the cats that show up, but maybe that will come with updates. There are ads, but only enough to make the game free. No time blocking or having to pay for more attempts, you can play this game all day long if you want. Definitely something I like about this company’s free-to-play system.

  • Thanks for the kind words, Arwen! We do what we can to give our players the best possible game experience, so I’m really happy to hear about the things you like! Thanks for playing our newest puzzle game!

A 4 because nothing is perfect. That said, very relaxing game and ads aren’t adeterant as in most games, thanks for that! Keeping it until and if the ads take over. Keep in mind there a lot of us old folks (71) on small fixed incomes that have nothing but time on our hands and little money to find entertainment. Again thank you.

I really like this game, however I only gave it three stars because the ads are so frequent and repetitive. I really wish that there were an option to just buy the game so that it could be ad-free. Update: I still think that the ads are popping up too often. Each game only lasts 1-2 minutes, so an ad after every game is way too much. I loved this game, but I deleted it because I couldn’t stand the frequency of the ads.

  • Hi there, our goal is to provide the best game experience, and ad revenue helps us do that. However, we’d never want ads to negatively impact your experience! Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us through the in-game Support page if an ad doesn’t adhere to our guidelines of being simple to close, so our team can get it fixed right away!

This is brand new to me. I really like it. I’m 77 & have quite a few senior moments so my playing is right on sometimes or not so much. Not as sharpe as when I started with Mobility years ago. You guys & gals are great & just keep getting better & better. Love the colors now & your graphics have always been the best. Keep up the great work.

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