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[Game] Puzzle Quest 3 – Match 3 RPG

Puzzle Quest 3

Game Description

Master strategic match-3 combat in Puzzle Quest 3, the all-new installment to the globally renowned puzzle-RPG franchise. Prepare yourself for an epic journey across Etheria, a dangerous fantasy realm filled with enemies to conquer and loyal allies to recruit.

Explore mythical dungeons, uncover valuable loot, and unlock epic gear as you embark on a brand-new epic storyline to become the next Puzzle Quest legend!

Embark on an adventure to discover:


Match gems in any direction to charge up your spells and unleash powerful attacks in action-packed 1-on-1 battles. A lot can happen in a single turn – planning is the key to victory.


Choose the hero you want to be! Play as a Paladin, Berserker, Shaman, Assassin, or Necromancer, and discover a variety of storylines as you level up, build your hero’s skills, and acquire new weapons, armor, and more!


Become the hero of your own making by gaining experience and loot from your quests. Select from hundreds of different weapons and armor to sharpen your combat skills and take on increasingly powerful foes.


Battle fellow heroes in PVP and climb the leaderboards, or form an alliance with up to three friends and traverse the deepest dungeons together in real-time!


Experience fully animated battles with true 3D graphics never-before-seen in a match-3 game!


Defeat your enemies and complete quests to obtain valuable loot, then upgrade your gear and prepare for the next battle.


Stay tuned for regular updates and new events, including new quests to complete and bounties to claim.

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Puzzle Quest 3 user reviews :

They added a nice twist to the match-3 gameplay to make it more compelling. But… it has all your typical predatory mobile game practices. Over priced currencies with multiple tiers and battle passes (plural) to obfuscate the real value of items. “Near misses”, difficulty spikes and reward timers to encourage spending to progress. It’s fun for awhile, even without buying anything, so I recommend playing, but until they adjust many of these practices, *don’t spend your money.*

  • We appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback. If you would like to share some more detail detailed feedback, for example, your experience with difficulty, reward chests and minions, feel free to reach out to our support team:  puzzlequest3.zendesk.com

This game is super cool, I would like to see this game offline, also correct the sound the audio of the conversations is not heard, also add new abilities and heroes that use pistols, machine guns, archers etc. The rest is good.

Having a lot of fun with this so far, currently a few chapters in and level 26 (and despite other reviewers’ complaints, I haven’t felt pressured into spending money at any point). My only issue is it should be easier to acquire the crystals to evolve followers, I’m stuck with a toon of food I can’t use because they need to be evolved to level up further.

I used to play Gems of war on console but didn’t approve of the ranking system. I’m glad to have found PQ3 as it’s similar game play with perks and it’s available on most mobile platforms. I invite Match 3 players to check it out, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Cheers, Damo.

It’s back! I enjoyed 1 & 2 quite a bit. This one adds enough changes to stand on its own. Yes, it’s F2P with stores & bundles this time but there’s plenty to experience without them.

Progression is very grindy and you eventually reach a point a point where you need lower level mats but you’ve outleveled the content and you can’t get them very easily anymore. Bottlenecking progression around a resource that’s only rare because you’re getting the appropriate level resource instead. I was willing to grind and never spend a dime but that just made it frustrating to play since all of a sudden my progression was halted because I just so happened to level up by playing the game.

Great addicting game to play. Friend and me got into it and play everyday. Yes, the game is kind of limited in the beginning. Ftp content is very friendly. You DO get more chest slot for FREE. Level your followers and you get more benefits like that. I’m only level 10 and it’s a little grindy. Don’t let it out you down from wanting to try. Fans of the older games will notice lore references from the original PQ game. Wish PQ2 could come back!

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