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[Game] Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire Pyramid Solitaire by MobilityWare is the original Pyramid Solitaire game for Android devices!

Pyramid Solitaire is BRAND NEW and RE-IMAGINED! Still the best classic card game experience, from the makers of the ORIGINAL Solitaire game, Pyramid Solitaire is a puzzle game that requires logic and strategy to clear the table.

Play the Tut’s Tomb game you remember and enjoy a classic Solitaire experience, offering thousands of randomized deals with fun and exciting animations all combined with smooth and polished gameplay.

The Daily Challenge is a unique winnable deal where you can earn Jeweled Crowns, Trophies and compete with other players on the Leaderboard. Each new day unlocks a new Daily Challenge deal. You can access each challenge by simply clicking on the Play Menu button.

Our version of Tut’s Tomb is fun, it’s FREE and is #1 in the Play Store! Challenge your brain with our Daily Challenges for a new Pyramid puzzle each & every day.

Download the best Pyramid Solitaire game for Android today and start playing seriously fun and challenging games of Classic Pyramid Solitaire!


Play the Classic Game of Pyramid Solitaire or Tut’s Tomb You Know and Love!

Winning Deals: Never let the challenge of the game get too great! But beware, you will still have to find the right moves to beat the challenge!

Try all the addicting unique challenges to train your brain with the classic game of Pyramid Solitaire!

Play Challenging Games & Unlock New Challenges Each Day!

Challenges keep the classic game of Pyramid Solitaire new every time. Never run out of new challenges to test and challenge your skills!

Always FREE! – Play unlimited games every day for a fun, unique and challenging game!

Classic Games, Modern Options!

Statistics Tracker: Track your progress across your Pyramid games to build out new strategies to break through the Pyramid puzzle!

Customize card faces and play fields to make the game of Tut’s Tomb your own!

Play online or take the challenge offline with random deals. No WIFI required to play anywhere for free!

Use unlimited Undos and hints to find the way through the puzzle of Tut’s Tomb

Remove the Menu and Status bar to make navigation easier on Devices which utilize Android’s Navigation Bar (requires Android 4.4 or above)

Train your brain and have some fun solving each Daily Challenge to receive a crown for that day.

Earn trophies each month by winning more crowns! Play our Daily Challenges in Pyramid Solitaire free!

How to Play Pyramid Solitaire:

Pair cards that equal to 13. Jacks = 11, Queens = 12, and Kings = 13. Combine cards totaling 13 to remove them from the board. Use the draw pile to help you when stuck to find combinations you need. Clear the whole board to win the game!

If you’re looking for a challenging, addictive but relaxing game to play, then look no further, you’ve found it with Pyramid Solitaire. We guarantee the BEST QUALITY Pyramid card game in town and we’re ALWAYS improving and adding new features to the game!

Download Pyramid Solitaire now to play the best and most popular Solitaire card game on Android today!

The game is ad-supported, but only between deals. We don’t put ads on your playfield.

Created and supported by MobilityWare.

Pyramid Solitaire user reviews :

At least eight times out of ten , this game does not even deal enough cards to finish a game and I can only finish the game halfway before I have no more moves left. it is very frustrating and irrational I will definitely be uninstalling this unsatisfactory game. it is very irritating to be really close to the top of the pyramid, and then, bam “no moves available” why would somebody play that? what is the point? I do not recommend this game at all , and I discourage others from playing it .

  • Hi Kailey, thanks for the review. We appreciate your feedback! Our team is always looking for ways to improve our apps, so we really appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with any additional suggestions or feedback you have to share with our team. Thanks for playing!

I like to play a bit before bed. Currently the only annoying add is the Candy Crush Soda add which is almost impossible to close down without going to the Candy Crush game instead of continuing with Pyramid. You have to tap exactly in the center of the X. Do you have any plans on adding more Pyramid puzzles? I’ve finished them all for the second time now. Once on my previous phone and now again on my current phone. It doesn’t seem to be the hardest thing to add.

Overall I love the simple design of this app. The amount of ads is reasonable. The daily challenges add a fun twist but you can also ignore them if you just want to play. My one complaint is a third of the deals are unsolvable. That’s just the nature of Pyramid Solitaire, but I wish there was a button or something you could push so you could still get xp. As is you just have to accept defeat and hit new game, which leaves me feeling unsatisfied.

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