Quiet, Please

[Game] Quiet, Please

Quiet, PleaseQuiet, Please : Classic retro adventure game fun on your hand-held device.

Quiet, Please after an annoying day at school, you just want some peace and quiet. But everything at home is so noisy! Mr. Peabody is obsessively mowing his lawn, Dad is channel surfing and Mom is yapping on the phone.

Your pesky kid brother won’t go to bed, and even your pet kittens are driving you crazy!

Explore, interact with your environment and solve puzzles with Quiet, Please. Three kittens included!

Quiet, Please user reviews:

This is only a demo though. You won’t get very far without buying the full game. This would be a great title for an indie game bundle! It reminds me a bit of Maniac Mansion.

Thanks to MikeB for showing this game in his indie for breakfast series, now I have a chance to try it for myself

NOTE: this is my review text for the full version but I wanted anyone considering this demo version to see it as well in the hopes it helps encourage people to give this excellent little game a go. Nice retro feel and generally logical puzzles add up to an excellent little adventure game. It is quite short as others have said but that’s not necessarily a bad thing and I was hooked on it for the couple of hours on and off that I played it. Only four stars though because, as others have said, there’s no save mechanism. This wasn’t an issue in the game’s Xbox incarnation because you could sit on your couch with the control pad for as long as you wanted but I, and presumably others, tend to play mobile phone games in short bursts when commuting and the like so having to redo all then puzzles you’d already solved every time you pick the game up until you get a chance for a full playthrough is a bit annoying. It’s a minor gripe against what was an otherwise excellent little game that I’d recommend to anyone.

Its actually a pretty fun game try it XD


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