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radioEvery radio station and podcast in one app. Clear & easy. With, the stations and podcasts you want are well within your grasp:


Listen to your favourite local and international stations, including Magic Radio and Hot 108 Jamz, and discover many more radio stations recommended by our editorial staff and through our clear categories, or use the intuitive search function.


Save favourites
Radio alarm and sleep timer
Access radio stations you have listened to recently
Listen to selected radio broadcasts again
Editorial recommendations for new radio stations
Clear search option for stations and songs
Radio stations sorted by theme, genre and city/country


Explore the world of podcasts, with categories ranging from news, comedy, health, music and sport. Don’t miss any episodes of The Ted Interview, Joe Rogan or Crime Junkie.

Subscribe to podcasts
Direct episode playback
Download episodes and listen offline
Skip the breaks using the Skip Silence feature
Auto-delete option to save storage space
Receive episode notifications for the podcasts you have subscribed to
Decide for yourself whether to only download new episodes over wi-fi
Search for podcasts, episodes and topics easily



The for you area is a page which functions as your own personal feed to match your listening habits. The start page provides quick access to the stations and podcasts you have been listening to recently. You will also receive information about new episodes of the podcasts you are subscribed to.


The radio and podcast pages also provide an “Explore” tab where your favourite radio stations and podcasts are shown in clear categories. Exciting and diverse content is presented to you in our editorial recommendations. This means your new favourite stations and interesting podcasts are just a tap away.


We find the content you are looking for. Our easy-to-use search function helps you find stations, podcasts, episodes and songs. The episode search function allows you to find exciting guests and special topics in specific episodes. The song search lets you find out which stations are playing your favourite song.


Receive information about the best stations and podcasts where you are.


The app is Chromecast compatible and you can stream your favourite stations and podcasts via an external speaker, then listen to them wherever you want in your Smart Home.


Use the radio alarm and wake up to the station or morning show of your choice every morning. Just select the station, wake-up time and set the volume on your phone. Want to snooze your favourite station or podcast too? Then simply select your preferred time using the sleep timer function and your radio station or podcast will play when you want it to.

With, you always have the right radio station for you:
Listen to the best summer hits on your bluetooth speaker in the park. Find out the most important news on your way to work, in a convenient and compact format. Enjoy hit radio all day in the office and push yourself to funky beats in the gym.

Find the best podcasts on topics such as economy & science, crime, children’s fairy-tales and meditation. International podcasts and radio stations are there to help refine your language skills.

radio user reviews :

A whole lot better than YouTube and U.S. radio stations which have tons of commercials & replay the *same* songs within a couple of hours! Thank you so much for this app. I LOVE it!

  • Hi Rebecca! Thanks for your praise! Happy to hear that you like our great variety of stations and wish you lots of fun using the app. Cheers, team

Fairly practical and has some podcasts, also I have to admit, there aren’t better alternatives I know of, but there’s no way to add missing listed stations or update stream links. The sorting is very painful! It keeps resetting the station’s order I’m dragging and I need to stop listening to anything in order for it to work. If any gesture is accidentally done, the station goes back where it was! It’s only suitable if you have no longer than a dozen of saved streams, not a hundred.

  • Hello, thank you for your feedback. We are currently improving the search. Regarding stability, you can delete and re-download the application. The stations should work smoothly. If the problem persists, please contact us at Sincerely, the team.

So far happy, but I can’t find the option to back up my saved radio streams or sync between devices. If there is the option, I am changing my rating to a better one.

  • Hey Ondra, thanks for your feedback. Please contact our support team via and describe your problem. Kind regards, your

Very nice variety of genre. But the buffering when changing radio station takes about 5 to 10 seconds which is considerably too long. I have a 300Mbps internet and it should not be an issue there. Hopefully it will improve in the future.

  • Hello, thanks for the feedback. Listening to a station with a stream quality 128kbps will use up approx. 70 MB data per hour. It depends on the stream quality of the station you are listening to (24/64/128/192kbps etc) rather than the app itself. For longer listening sessions we recommend using our app over WIFI. Any Qs, contact[at]

Contact developer :


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