Radial – Simplest drawings look like professional works of art

[App] Radial

RadialRadial is all about creating beautiful and intricate drawings. Fast.

As you draw, each stroke is duplicated and transformed, creating complex patterns. Radial symmetry makes even the simplest drawings look like professional works of art.

A streamlined and intuitive user interface lets you unleash your creativity without having to deal with confusing dialogs. Live Icons change their appearance as you change the settings. You never have to guess what your next stroke will look like.

Powerful brush system
Intuitive user interface with live icons
In-App saving and sharing

What will you create?

Radial user reviews :

This has got to be one of the best creative apps out there. I would not call myself a creative person but the kind of art I have made using this app would make most people say otherwise. But the zoom in and zoom out feature would be awesome if added. Numerical toggle for number of lines of symmetry would also be awesome! Maybe a weekly competition to find the best designs that you can feature on your website or on the app or something?

Fun to play around with, but I quickly lost interest due to lack of options. Don’t get me, you were giving different choices however I’ve found other similar apps that provide more (such as the amount of colors you can pick). I like how it saves my artwork as a high quality image to my gallery though which is a plus.

Fantastic!!! Simply amazing!!! The reviews and descriptions aren’t lying, you can make beautiful art in mere seconds!!! Making this kind of art on paper would take AGES!!! The patterns look like dream catchers or those freaky things you create on a calculator when you mess with options you don’t yet understand!!! I would HIGHLY recommend, this is even slightly relaxing!!! Sorry my entire review is telling, I’m just so happy and thrilled to use this app!!! I’ve only used this app for a few minutes and I’m THRILLED!!! Fantastic app, thanks so much Andrey Leshenko!!!

Love it. Not many color choices but just learn to blend them. My creations are better than the examples you have so if I can do Not anyone can. Just be creative. Like tie dye on steroids. *I’d like to turn mine into rug designs or posters.

This application is great and I am totally enjoying it. But I’ve some suggestions for it. Please provide a “zoom in or out” / “Canvas size” option. It gets difficult to make something as the artwork grows. And please include a “change the background colour” option too. It’d be great if you do so. Thank you for this great application.

It’s a beautiful app. If you’re bored, this is the best. It’s really good. But I would’ve rares it a 5-star if not for the limited colour options. We need more colours, not only the primary ones. Please check what you could do about it.

Amazing app! A few user tips: Change background color? Select desired color; move segment select and line thickness to the extreme right; fill in eveything. Erase? Use background color (which INCLUDES black); color over lines/areas to be “erased”. Concerned with losing your work? Save to gallery frequently. Line segment selection problems or difficulty with precision? Patience. 500+ designs and counting – this app is primarily limited by the scope of the user’s imagination.

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