Rally Racer Unlocked – Phisycs system redefined

[Game] Rally Racer Unlocked


This is ultimate version of the Rally Racer, game modes and tracks are unlocked!!

Phisycs system redefined for easy gameplay.

Key Features

3 different game modes
12 poweful rally cars
6 race tracks
Specially developed car physics and effective drift system
Control system specialized for the touch screens
Realistically recreated cars
So many optimizations for low level devices


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Rally Racer Unlocked user reviews :

Decent graphics. If udates lifted controls like boost and handbrake then different compound tires, this would be an app worth buying for sure.

It is a good game but there should be more tracks and cars

great game best controls with auto acceleration and best left/right arrows placement and great grafix~wish more games

Graphics, controls, everything is fine! Just, can you add a handbrake feature? Maybe you could also add normal circuit or sprint race events with AI opponents? You can also add more tracks. Overall, really good game!

There is a glitch on 2nd and 3rd track for Time Trial where you couldn’t earn money reward. Please fix it. Also, please add E-brake!

its pretty good graphics are nice and gameplay is smooth the only thing i would recommend is a cockpit or first person view and options to upgrade your car through tuning.

I really like this app. good graphics. good job you guys that made this app

Excellent rally offering, great looking smooth visuals, responsive control, but most importantly fun as heck, thank you.

Pretty good rally game but I would like to have driven rally stages from A to B instead of a circuit

well designed, but game still requires major overhaul to get 4 stars

hard to control, even the sensitivity is in low mode… and too many ads.. so my rating is hard to… satisfy?

Disappointing. I had your rally racer drift game which was awesome so when I downloaded this game I had high hopes but it just doesn’t cut.

The graphics are nice and the physics are accurate. Well done!

Amazing game . We need more tracks . But love it

I wish you could do actual races with laps, add damage, inside cockpit view, more tracks and manual transmission. Also it would be cool to see some spectators around the track so it doesn’t seem so lonley.

It is a great game. Great graphics, good physics, nice cars. But I don’t like the controls. They often over steer or under steer. Also it is a bit hard to get money without paying. Also how about you add a real race? Maybe multiplayer?

Very nice game. Its easy and addictive i would like to see more tracks and upgrades for cars or atleast minor upgrades you can do but need more tracks and challenges but great job guys.Need a way to make money faster it gets old doing the same thing over and over to try to get a new car.

Nice graphics and game play. I like the fact that the other cars are crappy drivers like me. When I beat them, it gives me a feeling of superiority and improves my self-esteem. It’s better than therapy!

Nice gameplay and graphics.. i dont see any bugs its not laggy at all.. this game is a great time killer for pro gamers. Pls. Add some paint design atleast 3 of a kind then races, drift races, or different game modes and pls. Add some nice music background like nfs mw..

It is a free game and it isn’t famous like Mcrae games so you don’t expect much from it. But once you get the hang of it, you can have fun powersliding cars through corners like you are Ari Vatanen as much as you want. For free. definitely worth

Hello VO DIGITAL ARTS, I`m writing to tell you that Rally Racer Unlocked is great. Physics are good enough, looks great, but if you could add more cars like the 6R4, and maybe increase all the cars top speeds, since they`re not very accurate, and the game would be even better.

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