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Rapala FishingAre you ready to get hooked on the king of fishing simulators? Dive in and experience the skill and strategy of realistic 3D fishing with Rapala Fishing World Tour! Fill your tackle box with authentic gear to lure an enormous variety of different fish. Upgrade your fishing load out to catch record-breaking lunkers. Travel the world in search of the next great catch!

Incredible 3D Gameplay:
Immersive controls using an innovative two-thumb mechanic to control both the rod and the reel!
Seamless above- and below-water gameplay lets you follow the action of your lure and see every detail of the fish you’re fighting.
Powerful simulation. Different fish are more active during different times of the day, try visiting the same fishing spot in the morning and at night!
A True Rapala Experience:
Extensive range of authentic Rapala gear to fish with, including a wide assortment of real lures that are sold in brick and mortar stores around the world.
– Learn the basics in our tutorial! Rapala Fishing World Tour is accessible to everyone from pros to people who have never held a rod before.
– Enhance your Rapala gear via a rich enhancement system to craft the ultimate tackle box.
– Fish in multiple locations on an amazing tour.
Getting Better All the Time!
We’re actively working on this game to add all features and functionality. If you have any thoughts on how to make the game better or things you’d like us to do, please reach out to us at rapala@gamemill.com !

Rapala Fishing user reviews :

Needs more lakes. Would be great if the makers of this game could add more lakes in an update and more challenges. I keep reaching my max silver and have to keep buying lures and fishing line just to be able to collect my winnings. Why not some fishing on the east or west coast or more interior lakes. Heck even some lakes in Canada!

Awesome fishing game. This is a fantastic and addictive game. Overall experience could be improved by allowing users to buy gold with silver and lures. Maybe an instant replay of your most recent catch. UPDATE: The frequency of ads are silly. Every fourth caught fish is followed with a pop-up. I understand the game is largely free but the number of ads is silly. UPDATE: Ad service causing in game problems fixed. The support staff is super responsive.

I love the graphics and the smooth play of the game. I am a keen angler and since i can relate to the realistic fish behaviour, I give the game 5 stars. Job well done keep up the good work. Would have loved to see more structures like trees and lilypads and stuff

Great fishing game This is one of the best fishing games I have played. It’s really fun if you like fishing. If you don’t like fishing you should probably play something else

I love this game! Great way to pass the time anywhere you are. It’s more realistic than any other fishing game I’ve played, highly recommend to anyone!!!

Best fishing app for Android I have seen so far I like how the different lures affect the game. Game would be much more fun if you could drive a boat around the lakes and troll for bass and other species

Last Update :

Join the ultimate fishing adventure in RAPALA Fishing Game! Cast your lines, reel in big catches, and compete with anglers from around the world. Enjoy a seamless fishing experience as you explore various fishing spots, encounter diverse fish species, and track your progress with detailed stats. Upgrade your gear and boats to enhance your fishing expeditions. We’ve also introduced ads to support continuous improvements and bring you even more exciting content. Start your fishing journey today!

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