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[App] Real Binaural – Meditation, Sleep, and Study Music

Real Binaural  Real binaural is a free binaural beats library and generator with dozens of pre-set frequencies for meditation, sleep, focus, therapy, etc.

Create personalized binaural beats that work for you and keep all of your favorite beats together for easy access within the app!

Binaural beats are a good way to accelerate learning, get into a state of flow, help with insomnia, become internally aware, relax, experience relief from anxiety and much, much more!

Our app is divided into 6 different categories for intuitive navigation:
Study, Sleep, Meditation, Body, Brain, and Therapy.

In combination with our detailed user guide, creating custom binaural beats will become very simple. If you already know how binaural beats work you may simply jump right in  and if you don’t we suggest going through the user guide to learn what type of beats you can generate and how the brain waves are split up.

If you create a tone or favorite a sound that you do not like simple swipe left and you will
remove it.

For optimal listening, we recommend using headphones since you will be listening to different frequencies in each ear. The volume should be set at a comfortable level in order to avoid any harm. Note: Prolonged exposure to loud sounds can cause irreversible hearing damage. High volumes will not enhance the effects of binaural beats.

Binaural beats are not intended to treat or cure any disease. If you are epileptic or have a serious mental disorder consult an appropriate medical professional.

Real Binaural user reviews :

Loving the app so far. I needed a simple app and this provides. It’s to the point, no nonsense, and plays when I lock the phone to sleep. There are beats for more than just sleeping, like studying and creativity. No ads I’ve seen so far? It’s free too, so far at least, and I’ve tried a lot of apps for a simple set up but none beat this. Edit: can once again read ebooks while using this app. Very happy, thanks so much team!
  • Dynamiq Studios
  • Thanks for the positive feedback, yes the app is completely free and has no ads. We are aware of the issue you and others are experiencing and are working on a fix now
Perfect Binaural (HemiSync) app! Very simple and fully functional! Option to choose any brain frequency and even create your own one is brilliant! Fantastic timer option so you don’t need to worry if you fall asleep while listening it. I was looking for it without expectation I can find exactly what I need plus extra options. And all of this is FREE and No ADDS! My first app was paid one from “NonProfit” Monroe Institute where I didn’t even know what frequency is used. BIG THANK YOU!
  • Dynamiq Studios
  • Thank you so much for your review!
I don’t care if some people say binaural is myth or just placebo effect. At least it’s sleep wave is working for me. And the app is great too! No ads, simple, little size, great UI and great design, this is the best binaural beats app
  • Dynamiq Studios
  • We greatly appreciate your review! There will be more features/content geared towards sleep in the near future!!
The timer keeps on going even if the app is paused, it should stop with it and then continue when the beats are resumed.
  • Dynamiq Studios
  • Thank you very much for sharing your valuable & useful feedback, we are working on a fix now!

Nice app and offline availablity is what makes it stand out among the rest.

It works. Getting asleep faster and can focus for longer for study.

I hope the developer will add more features for anxiety and depression and over thinking….
  • Dynamiq Studios
  • We care about your feelings and every little encouragement makes us better :) So, if you like this app, please consider giving us a 5-star rating. If you have any suggestions, please let us know at dynamiq.studios[at]
Very easy to use and great
  • Dynamiq Studios
  • Glad you like it!

Put on your headphones. I thought it wasn’t working at first because I was playing it just from my phone. Without headphones it sounds real crazy.

A modern simple and easy to understand Binaural beats app. No fluff, just straight quality.

Awesome! This is the greatest sound therapy i ever experienced

So far, 2 complete nights of sleep. That just doesn’t happen.
  • Dynamiq Studios
  • Hi Nathan, thank you for your review! We are pleased to hear you are experiencing positive results from our binaural beats. Have a wonderful day!

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